Hi Wayne

Your informational video on the three biggest traffic killer of starting your Business Differently hit the nail on the head. Your Layer Traffic is easy steps to follow and Straight to the Point. Thanks for sharing this Awesome Content.

Thank You

Rick Burdo August 28, 2015

Hey Wayne, I feel so relieved with your approach that I commented to my wife saying: “for the first time I can look forward to growing a business that will change our lives” I like the emphasis of this first lesson which seems to me is to build a firm foundation for a great business.  It is great that you motivate us to remove the word “I can’t” from the vocabulary… I love that. I am excited about building my tool box. I believe that great things are ahead of us. Congratulations on your honest approach.

Arnold Freeman August 28, 2015

Hi Wayne,
You are right in your video, I have been getting all kinds of email for system that can drive traffic to my website at a push of a button. And some that will teach me a varied of things that have not work. But I believe your system will help me to build my on line business correctly. Thanks for the email and video’s.

Linda August 28, 2015

Wayne is, in large measure, responsible for our success.  The most dedicated professional I have worked with.  An innovative leader...

Dale Lyle August 28, 2015

Wayne is always ahead of the game and has my complete trust as an adviser, leader and manager. He is a true leader of unique ability to positively influence total improvement.  There is none better.

C. McKown August 28, 2015

Wayne, I have to admit, I never finished putting the system into place. It was because it worked so well, I couldn’t believe it.  I exceeded my goals with just half of what you said.  People were paying me that I never see.   The amazing thing is, none of the 4,500 stores I compete with have any clue I’m beating them so badly online.  This is amazing.

Leslie Kim August 28, 2015

Wayne is uncategorically the best.  My most trusted "assistant" for leadership and resolving operational issues.

T. Heijl August 28, 2015

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