protege profits book coverMy new book in print is now on sale at Amazon and a number of other distributors.  The book is called “Protege Profits:  How to Create a Legacy of Success Through Mentoring.”

Here’s the good news:  You can get it for free!  Here’s what you do…

Starting on Monday, October 1, 2012, the book will be a free download from Kindle books.  So you will want to go there during October 1st to October 5th.  The free download is only available for 5 days.  That’s it.  There will be no extensions.

What’s it all about?  It’s about building value in your business.  One of the absolute best ways to not have to do everything in your business yet get things done the way you want is for you to do coaching and  mentoring of a protege.

The great thing about mentoring a protege is that it is fun!  Plus, you ensure your business will carry on when you aren’t there and you will have all the right person in place to make it happen.

Mentoring a protege also enables you to literally create people who know what you want.  Often your protege goes on to do their own thing.  Now you have an ally who you can partner with and help you grow you own business while being assured the partner knows exactly how you create value with your services.

Protege Profits shows in detail how to build your mentoring plan so both you and your charge have mutually beneficial time together.  It’s about you growing as a business leader, and your protege growing into business.

In my time in the Navy, I saw my primary leadership role was to develop proteges who could do what I do, maybe even better.  In the military, we are a little more open to the reality that we might have to be replaced, so creating that replacement was fun, rewarding, and necessary.

The same is true in your business so you can free up time for yourself, ensure your business runs the way you want when you aren’t there, and if you are ever laid up for an extended period, your profits won’t disappear.

So be sure to go to on from October 1st through the 5th and download your free copy during this limited time promotion.