Eben Pagan – The Unauthorized Biography

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

June 20, 2012

Eben Pagan wedding imageOk, so you want to know more about Eben Pagan.  Alright, here is his totally unauthorized biography.I’m pretty certain a lot of you are searching around the web about Eben Pagan products and the upcoming Guru Product Blueprints launch.  Am I correct?And you are also having a hard time finding anything that says he is a scam.  Why would you try so hard to find this if it isn’t there?  But I know some of you are so convinced it is, you’ll try for a long time.Well I can tell (first hand) you Eben Pagan and Eben Pagan products are no scam.  Since I used the Guru Mastermind training as the training that took me to total freedom, I know if you apply yourself using Pagan’s products, you can launch your self and your business on the road to success.Now Eben Pagan is not one of those marketers who tells you had no money, and became a success, and then you find out later he really made 6 figures a year at some job, and had a great bank account to fall back on.No, Eben started (from what I know) in Oregon.  He did not come from a wealthy family.  His family was pretty darn average from most of our perspective.  There wasn’t anything exceptional.  He dropped out high school, then found a way to get to college and dropped out of college, too.At one time, he had great visions of being a rock guitar player.  Can you imagine?Well we all had a past life, and it’s rarely what others have created in their minds about you when they don’t even know you.So Eben went and started building businesses, and mastered the art of marketing on the intenet with his Double Your Dating seminars, and programs using the pen name David D’Anegelo.  I guess that’s kind of a suave name.As this business grew, he ventured into others, particularly information marketing businesses, and sharing with others how to do this.Some now call Eben Pagan a marketing genius.  Anthony Robbins selected him as one of his “New Money Masters.”  There were 7 of them, I believe.Now Eben is releasing his most in-depth training on how to build your information marketing business and he’s giving up the goods to make this a product no one else could possibly match.To see the full details, see my Guru Product Blueprints Review now.  It includes a major Guru Product Blueprints Bonus no one else can match.  You’ll love the videos there, too.  Go there now.

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Guru Product Blueprints Release is Here

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