Hello my friend.  I’m glad you’re here because I have an important announcement for you about the Guru Product Blueprints by Eben Pagan.

This is a new product and it’s really going to change your ability to create top quality information products for your business.  Eben Pagan is taking everything he has done in the past and elevating one more level with the Guru Product Blueprints product launch.

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guru product blueprints intro by eben pagan

As with every launch done by Eben, the doors will only be open for a short time.  There will be some truly amazing content literally handed to you during the launch.  You’ve heard the phrase “raising the free line” I’m guessing.

This is phrase Eben has made famous, and he’s taking it to even higher levels on his launch.

Having been an instructor for Eben’s Guru products, I know the quality and superior presentation that comes with each of his products, and GURU Product Blueprints is no different.

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Here’s a short insight of what you’ll be getting in the product…

  1. You will receive several of Eben’s best selling products from several different niches as “real world” blueprints.  Each of these products made over $1 million of sales each.
  2. You’ll receive Eben’s best trainings on how to create information products and how to market them
  3. You’ll be attending a live, 2-day virtual teaching program, taught by Eben personally, where you attend, actually build your product, and interact directly with Eben.
  4. You also get 10 weeks of live webinar training with live Q & A with direct interaction with Eben.
  5. Finally, you’ll get templates, blueprints and all the tools needed to create your own products.

So this is big, and this is top quality folks.  You don’t want to miss out on this.  This will truly be the best business training product Eben Pagan has ever produced.  Keep an eye out here because you won’t believe what you’re going to get for free.

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See you soon

Wayne Sharer