Live Event – How to Become an Authority in 90 Days or Less

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

February 6, 2012

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Have you ever wondered how some totally obscure, completely unknown people just like you and me  somehow become “the authority” in their niche in what appears to be an overnight phenom?

Imagine for a moment what it would be like if you could do the same thing for yourself.

Are you seeing it?  If not, then maybe this is just the event you’ve been waiting for.

If you have, and you haven’t been seeing the results you expect, then this event is for you too.

You see, there is no school for establishing yourself as an authority and becoming amazingly popular using blogging.  This is a fact, and there’s no disputing this.

It’s also a fact that many completely unknown people have found the way to become immensely popular, and create million dollar businesses using blogging.  This is one place where you should be thinking “If they could do it, then so can I!”

On Monday, February 13th at 7:00 PM, one of these “little known” people who turned blogging into a path to making a difference and creating a real livelihood will be available to you on a live event — a live FREE event!

Corbett Barr is a real live, digital nomad. Corbett says this means he runs a small independent business (based around this blog and a handful of other sites) and can live and work from anywhere in the world (where there is reliable internet).

He has taught over 600 people how to transform their blog into a blog that matters.

Now, he’s giving you a rare opportunity to see exactly how you can do the same.  In this event, Corbett will be revealing…

  • 8 Critical Elements of a Blog that Make it Really Matter…
  • 5 complete nobodies who now have million dollar businesses from blogging
  • 5 insider case studies showing exactly how to become a blogger that matters and profits.
  • Live Questions and Answers
  • and much, much more…

All this is live Monday, February 13th at 7:00 PM.  All you need is yourself, and your browser.  This event is even going to broadcast live in Facebook.

There are really big attendance bonuses, too.  Just click the link and it is all revealed to you…

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Why Should You Care?

Well, according to Technorati, there is close to 200 million blogs online.  That’s an incredible number.  I agree with you that your right to think how am I going to stand out from 200 million others doing the same thing?

Think about this for a second… 98% of those blogs are put up and then forgotten about not long after the first post.  So now your potential competition has shrunk to 4 million.

More good news, 98% of the 4 million that are still active have almost no strategy for success.  They are just posting stuff.  So now your competition is just 80,000.

Drilling down a little deeper, realize this… there are not 80,000 people in YOUR specific area of expertise using blogs as an authority marketing tool!  The fact is, your market likely only has a couple of real, potential competitors, and there is so much traffic out there, you really have no competition at all.

On this special live event, Corbett will show you exactly how to stand out from the very small crowd and how to do it in 90 days or less.  His proven strategies have made over 600 online business owners real bloggers that matter, and it’s your turn to know the strategies that work.

Join us Live

I’ll be your host, and Corbett Barr will share with you the 8 secret elements of making a blog that matters and profits.

He’ll show you real case studies, and he’ll show you 5 living breathing examples of average people just like you who have created real blogs that matter and a real income to make life changes from their blogs.

By attending live you also get two great bonuses worth over $130.00… just for attending.  The full details are on your VIP pass.

There will be a replay, but it’s only available to those who register, but for some unforeseen reason, cannot attend.  So you must be registered!

Only those attending live are eligible for the bonuses.  The details are on your registration page and VIP pass.

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