MemberSpring – I got it, here’s the truth

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

November 3, 2010

Memberspring Review

Wayne Sharer here, and I’m thrilled to bring you a very fast, and up to date MemberSpring Review.

If you are looking for the MemberSpring Site, you can click this link now…

<< MemberSpring >>

Sometimes I’m willing to go out on a limb, and it’s possible this MemberSpring Review is just such a moment.

I’m writing this at just a little after 8:00 a.m.  I purchased MemberSpring less than 12 hours ago.

In the 10 hours since I purchased it, I have a complete membership site set up, and got 8 hours sleep!

You can see the site here…


Of course, all you can see is the surface.  So let me explain why I’m willing to go out on a limb and tell you about this investment so quickly.

What is MemberSpring?

This is really simple.  It is a completely done for you membership business.  The basic package delivers 5 ready to go membership sites in 5 extremely hot niches.

It gives you the choice of hosting it yourself, or Gary Ambrose will host it for you.

You also get the choice of having more sites added monthly.  This is a fast way to see your business and income grow.

You also have full flexibility to customize your graphics and content so your site is truly unique.

Finally, Gary Ambrose and the MemberSpring team, him and his wife, deliver a complete training package for set up and marketing your MemberSpring sites.

First and Fast Impressions of MemberSpring…

You probably know it is very unusual for me to say anything at all about a product I use for at least a week or two after I make the purchase.  So this should tell you either I’m highly impressed or highly disappointed.

So which is it?…

In this case, I’m highly impressed! 😛

At around 9:30 pm I decided to find out more about the offer.  I couldn’t find much at all.  Just sales offerings masquerading as reviews.  They told me nothing.  Since this is a $297 purchase, I was very hesitant to simply just try it out.

To “cut to the chase” I decided I could trust Gary Ambrose, and made the purchase.

I was, no kidding, instantly impressed.  It gave you everything.  MemberSpring delivered immediately.

How Easy is Memberspring

I was nearly instantly sent a receipt with long in information for the 2 member accesses needed.

The instructions were clear.  In my case, I elected the exceptionally easy way of doing things, and let Memberspring host my site.  Note… you don’t have to do this (and yes it cost more that way… I’ll pay for the easy way).

I watched one video, did exactly what it said, and had a domain and membership website installed in about 10 or 15 minutes.  The next 4 will be even faster.

Then I watched about 4 more videos and had my site customized and completely set up with Aweber integration and ready to take payments.  This took about another 45 minutes total.

Then I went to bed.

Click here for MemberSpring Video

Who is MemberSpring For?

It’s for you if you are convinced you are committed to getting an online business using membership sites up and operating quickly and professionally.

This will eliminate all the hassles of setting up membership sites such as:

  • You don’t need to make content (though you can – and I recommend you do to add value)
  • You don’t have to make a membership site in some complicated membership software
  • You eliminate the cost of membership software
  • You don’t have to be an expert in anything to do this
  • You don’t need to spend lengthy amount of time creating credibility in a niche
  • You don’t have to write sales copy or follow up emails

I’m sure there are a few more things I’ll discover later, but that’s the key points I found in just a few short hours.

Who Should not Get MemberSpring

If you are not serious about building a business and think all you have to do is install a site, and set it and forget it,then this is not for you.  Despite the ease of setup and installation, this is not a set and forget operation.

You still have to run your business and market it.

So only get this if you are serious about building continuity sites, and actually marketing your site (this means getting targeted visitors to your doorstep).

If you are looking only to be an affiliate marketer, then MemberSpring is not for you either.  So the “affiliate only” mindset  won’t work here.

What’s Missing from MemberSpring?

Hmmm… this is a tough one.  So far, I’m having difficulty seeing how I can have affiliates sell the membership.

Please note… I haven’t finished the training as of this writing, so I may not have seen how to do this.  But if I can’t integrate affiliate networks, that would be a shortfall.

Also, this does not include Gary Ambrose providing the traffic.  You have to do this.  If you don’t want to generate traffic, then you don’t want this.  Gary does give you very clear and solid ways to start the traffic fast.  But you have to do it yourself.

The Bottom Line…

This is a NO RISK purchase.

MemberSpring is . NOT A SCAM It is exactly what the very lengthy sales video says.  It will generate real income, and has the ability to be as big as you want it to be.  Besides providing you the hosting, Gary also offers you the ability to continue to add new member sites month after month.

I took all the upsells because they are literally RISK FREE. A full 30-days to decide and cancel any part of the purchase.  Honestly, that’s  more than enough to decide.  If you haven’t taken action in 29 days, then get your money back, because this isn’t for you.

I highly recommend MemberSpring for the serious business builder.

Click here for MemberSpring Video

See you soon

Wayne Sharer

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  1. Alan Kerr

    Very interesting. Have you got any member sales yet?
    Alan kerr

    • TrafficStarterPro

      Hi Alan. I don’t generally talk about sales because it’s misleading. My making sales doesn’t equate to you making sales. In this case, since I’ve had it for such a short time, I haven’t started marketing for sales. As of the date of this reply, I’ve just started getting my new graphics back and sent a handful of visitors to the site. Despite the small amount of traffic I generated, I’ve got about a 33% conversion for signups. I have no doubt some percentage of these fine visitors will purchase because I have made this first site a real, high value site.

  2. Ed

    I’ve looked at a number of reviews and yours is the only one I’ve seen thus far that has real information in it. Thanks for that.

    I have another question. When you “customize” a website like one of these MemberSpring sites, do you use your real name? I’m not sure how to approach that issue.


    • TrafficStarterPro

      Well, I use my real name. Though, as long as you aren’t trying to deceive anyone, there really isn’t anything “bad” about having a “character” to represent your product. There never was a “Betty Crocker” or “Aunt Jamima” and there are hundreds of other examples.

      However, as a new business owner, If you are a new business owner, I would recommend using your name.

      PS. Thanks for noticing I only use real info. If I don’t own a product or haven’t used it, I’ll tell you so.

      Stay well.

      Wayne Sharer

  3. Les Pryor

    So five months using the product, what is your assessment? Are you making sales, Are people subscribing to your membership sites? Does the product address your concern about how to “have affiliates sell the membership”? Can a person use his program and make say, $5000 a month? consistently. How much does it cost to get addittional sites after the original five included???

    • TrafficStarterPro

      My sales are irrelevant to whether you will make sales.

      But using the program, with good marketing and traffic, yes you can achieve $5,000 per month consistently. I don’t the current cost of the additional site upsell.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Jos Houben

    Hi Wayne,

    Thank you for this review. I’m really thinking of buying this and be fully committed, but want of course want to make money as soon as possible. I know that you don’t want to talk about the money you made, but did you eventually and how much time did it take?
    Did you also found the way to promote this as an affiliate (I think so, seeing your outgoing link, but am not sure)?
    And how much do the upsells cost, what are they and do you really need them?

    Thanks in advance


    • TrafficStarterPro

      How fast, and how much you make depend on your experience driving traffic, and your effort in doing it. How much I make or someone else makes is irrelevant to how much you make.

      The memberspring sites are good membership sites with better than average content. If you can focus on your site, market it to very targeted markets, you will make sales, and they will be profitable.

      I don’t know the current prices for the Upsells. One upsell is hosting, and the other is additional sites each month. Using Memberspring hosting makes everything easier, for sure. If you want the additional sites, then you want to get the other upsell as well.

      These aren’t hype upsells, they are simply a way to make everything easier, and expand your business.

      Hope that helps.

      • ZedL

        You keep saying, “How much I make or someone else makes is irrelevant to how much you make.”
        Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because there is no necessary correlation doesn’t mean every comparison is useless. The experience of a user and how much money they are making can give people an idea of what is possible.

        Continuing to evade the question seems as if you have something to hide.

        • TrafficStarterPro

          Hello Zedl, I obviously disagree, and won’t agree with you at all. I will not lead people to products by emotionally grabbing them with income statements. Your success depends on how you implement this product, how you get traffic, how well you target the traffic, etc. The niches are money niches, and the content is good, and can be easily added to in order to make it even better. How much you make is totally dependent on you.

          I have nothing to hide, it’s not my product. This is a review of the product, I am not marketing it. Unlike others who review it, I actually have the product and I didn’t return it after doing the review, which is what 95% of the other reviewers do after they “review” a product “they bought.”

          If you wish to base your purchase on other people’s income claims, then you probably should not read my reviews because I will never use income claims as a hook to have you click my links.

          So I 100% respect your desires and beliefs, you are always welcome to your opinions here, thus I never ignore those who don’t agree with me.

          You’re Great!

          Wayne Sharer

          • fraud

            i was a member for 3 years with memberspring, then suddenly no news of memberspring.They filled their pockets and more able to hear from them.

  5. Treytrey4972

    What is the cost for MemberSpring to host my site and for the various upsells available?

  6. TrafficStarterPro

    The site I posted is the only one in the “make money online” niches. So if all you want is a membership site for affiliate marketing, then Memberspring wouldn’t be the way to go.

    Memberspring allows you to quickly diversify across multiple profitable niches.

    So I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for, but that’s my thoughts.

  7. Gedgell

    Do you still like this program even though it has been over a year.

    • TrafficStarterPro

      Hi Gedgell,

      Yes, I personally think this is a great system. I have also under utilized it because I started focusing on some other things for my business.

      However, if you are looking for a essentially ready made way to get up and running fast, the Memberspring sites are very good. Plus you can “mold” them anyway you like and give them a unique look and feel very easily.

      If you’re bogged down with other things, then you might not do well with this. If you need niche membership sites, and you will do the work to really make this go, then Memberspring is a great solution.

  8. Jamesbrannon18

    hello i just wanted to know after i get the hosting can i get the other up sales at a later date
    thank you james

    • TrafficStarterPro

      Sorry James, I don’t know what the current up sells are. I know, at the time I got this, much of it was available later. However, there’s no way for me to know what’s being offered in the current promotion. Thanks

  9. Linda Gilstorff

    I have tried since 6-21-17 to get a refund from member spring and still our waiting for one. I need to have this taken care of
    so I need a phone number. It stats you can get a refund. They can contact me at [email protected] or call me at 734-447-3107.


    Linda Gilstorff

    • Wayne Sharer

      I would suggest you contact the owners of Mindspring for that issue.


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