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I know it’s not  Mother’s Day everywhere in the world, but for me, it is Mother’s Day regardless of where you live.

You see, my mother died 16 years ago on Christmas Eve.

I was flying home for on leave from the Navy, to get home for Christmas from Arizona.  I knew my Mother was dying from lung cancer, but I thought I would at least see her one last Christmas.

When I arrived, I learned in the airport that she was gone.  She died earlier that day on Christmas Eve, 1994.

I was very sad.  I didn’t know how to react.  My mother and I weren’t close, but we didn’t fight like my older sister always did with her.  And now she was gone, and there was no more mother to share anything with, even the most petty of things.

Now, my ex-wife took all of my things, including any pictures I had of my mother.  My mother only exists in my mind.

So to all who don’t think their mother is worth their time, I say to you:

Wake UP!

Your mother is a great woman, regardless of how good or bad a life she may have lived.  If you can’t see the good now, then you are going to miss it when your mother is gone.

Share the blessing of your mother on Mother’s Day.  Let here know, some how, some way that you are thinking of her.

You love her, no matter what awful thing you may accuse her of.  She loves you too, even if she can’t say it.

Do something good…. anything at all.  You Mother is special.

– Wayne Sharer