Author: Wayne Sharer

The 5 Secrets to Knowing Why Your Sales Funnel Fails & How to Fix It

Have you ever wondered why, when you make a sales funnel, just like your favorite guru tells you to, that you don’t get the huge success your favorite guru claimed?

There’s lots of reasons, but there’s a simple process you can follow to figure out why your sales funnel fails to produce like you expected. It’s easier than you think. Here’s 5 secrets to finding and fixing the problems

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Why Mobile Dominates Desktops in Online Marketing

For many years now (since about 2009), marketers and online advertisers have been telling you that mobile dominates desktops. For most of those years, these marketers were only saying this to get you to buy their latest mobile software, app, or service. But things have changed.
Here’s what you need to know for your marketing and why mobile marketing must be part of the plan…

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What is the Psychology of Wealth?

In the video, Jim Rohn talks about how you must transform your thinking in order to gain the wealth you seek.

Rohn makes this so simple to understand, that if you will embrace these simple ideas, concepts you can easily change your income by multiplying it by 3x, 5x, 10x and more.

He gives you a wealth of wealth building ideas in just six minutes.

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Why No One Talks About These 39 Free Internet Marketing Tools

The internet is full of free internet marketing tools. However, over my 10 years of marketing on the internet, I have found few of them to be of any significant benefit. This doesn’t mean no free internet marketing tools are valuable.
Over time, I’ve collected and saved in my bookmarks, an assortment of free marketing and productivity tools that I frequently go to for assisting my business. These have been valuable to me, and even Homer Simpson can use them.

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How to Write Blog Posts Your Readers Love: Pt 5 The Content Aggregator

This is the last in the series on how to write blog posts your readers will love. I hope you enjoyed it. Part 4 was the Embed Reactor. Now it’s time for the Content Aggregator.
The Content Aggregator is a hybrid form of part 1, the Listical. You litterally grab the most viral content on the web – and the best – and bring it all together.
This video has a great free tool to help you, too.

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