Product launches can be very exciting and very confusing, don’t you agree?

Click Funnels, the new lead and sales funnel tool from Russell Brunson, entered the market in September, 2014. It is definitely exciting.

But is it really that much different from other leading products? If you are going to spend money to improve your business, and you ability to compete as you grow your business, you want to buy the right tool first.

What’s Really Best?

Below is a comparison/contrasting of the most important product features of both Click Funnels and Lead Pages, two of the leading tools online for creating your lead capture pages.  You can instantly see the two products are distinctly different.

Most important to me, is that Click Funnels is more “all inclusive” in key areas, particularly the funnel.  Lead Pages does what the product name suggests.  They create lead capture pages for various types of business situations.

Click Funnels is much, much more that lead capture pages.  This is very important.  Click Funnels makes your entire funnel, not just your squeeze page.

So what you are getting for about the same price, is (in my opinion) significantly more powerful, and enables you to run your entire sales flow from capturing your leads to selling the most high value sale you have.

Why is this so important?

Because even though lead capture is very important; building lead capture pages without a complete sales funnel will leave you struggling, or broke, or going out of business.

Click Funnels is the first product to provide a tool where any new product creator, affiliate marketer, multilevel marketer, local business, service provider, coach, author, etc can build out an entire sales funnel in one click.  Of course, you have to add your content, but the pages are advanced sales funnels.

Until now, most new business owners looking to market online couldn’t imagine how they could make sales funnels that didn’t make you look like a real amateur.  With Click Funnels, you will be looking like the pros, and you don’t need a single line of code.

So take a look below and see what is right for you.

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 Product Comparison

Click Funnels vs. Lead Pages vs. Optimize Press


The Most Important Feature, in our Opinion is the ability to build complete sales funnels from lead to high end sales. Only Click Funnels can do this and not need any skills in HTML or web code.