Why Be a Click Funnels Affiliate?

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

September 18, 2014

Click Funnels is the best drag and drop, launch funnel creation system, and if you ever thought you should participate in an affiliate promotion – becoming a Click Funnels affiliate right now is the right move.  I’ll show exactly why here.

First off, if you are like me, the product must be superb and have a long lifetime of usefulness.  Click Funnels is exactly that.  In fact, I have been a beta tester, and I know for certain you will make your clients and customers very happy by getting them on board with this amazing marketing tool suite.

Then of course, you can make a lot of money and recurring income.

There is no better situation than having a great product to offer, and it creates income automatically, month after month.  When you offer this to serious marketers, they take it, see it tremendous value immediately and keep using for a long time to come.  This makes being a ClickFunnels Affiliate a no brainer if you market to online entrepreneurs.

So let’s look at the details now, shall we…

Why Click Funnels is a great product

This is pretty easy to explain. There are 4 reasons it is great (but I’ll give you 5)…

  1. It eliminates any issues you have with using html code.  None is needed… no exceptions
  2. You stop looking like you just started yesterday.  Click Funnels let’s even the newest marketer create complete, advanced marketing sales funnels
  3. Click Funnels will save you money, time and frustrations because it is so easy, and replaces many tools you think you need
  4. Makes it possible to start marketing your business with just one product, no website, no autoresponder,  no plugins, no other tools, just Click Funnels
  5. ClickFunnels is the only complete, drag and drop launch funnel creator that makes complete funnels for opt ins, launches, webinars, automated webinars, and evergreen funnels, and even membership sites.

Click Funnels Affiliate Videos

How You Make Money with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

  • 50% commissions on the main product sales which has 4 upsells
  • Refer affiliates and get paid 2nd tier commissions on everyone you refer!
  • Customers don’t quit, so you get recurring income on autopilot
  • Multiple landing pages, your choice
  • Complete link tagging capability with unlimited affiliate created sub IDs
  • Full click and sign up tracking
  • Run banners, Facebook Ads, Blog reviews, etc

Get Started today as a Click Funnels Affiliate

be a click funnels affiliate

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