motivation triggersMotivation Triggers Increase Profits!

Take a deep breath and imagine having words to magically get responses and actions you desire.  Imagine knowing exactly what will trigger the highest responses.

There really are words that ‘make’ people buy, and they’re often called motivation triggers.  You should be using these triggers in your copy – sales pages, email marketing, etc.

Failure to use these triggers really does “cause” people to leave without taking action.  Money literally exits your website when just using one of these could have made the sale

So, here you go, 10 motivation triggers that make people buy…

1.  Everyone wants to make more money.  Everyone.  Even the ones that say they don’t so that they won’t appear greedy to others.  They want to do things like start a business, get a better paying job, or hit it big on the stock market.  These things create a feeling of success.

2.  Even habitual gamblers that loose all the time want this — to save money.  The want to invest for a leisurely future or to make a big buy is powerful.  It makes people feel secure.

3.  Who doesn’t want to save time?  People want to do less work, and spend more time relaxing and enjoying life’s pleasures.  Saving time makes them feel relaxed.

4.  People will do almost anything to look better.  Some even more than others.  This includes losing weight, improving their fitness, or changing their facial appearance (mainly to look younger).  All of this makes them feel more attractive.

5. People love to learn new things.  They may want to learn self help things, or highly technical things.  It includes getting new hobbies and more.  This makes them feel more intelligent.

6.  Living longer is a major desire.  They will do this by eating better, exercising, finding ways to gain  energy.  These things make them feel much healthier.

7.  Being comfortable is a daily desire.  People want to end their aches and pain, and to sleep in more comfortable bees, or have the most luxurious chair.  This makes them feel relief.

8.  People want to be loved. They may want to end loneliness or to find the perfect date. This creates a feeling of being wanted.

9.  Being popular is something people love. They may want to be a famous celebrity or be more popular in school, or at work.  This will generates a feeling of being praised and admired.

10.  People want to gain pleasure. They may want satisfy their appetite or sexual desires. This makes them feel more fulfilled.

Don’t try to hit on every motivational trigger in every email.  Find the ones that are most important to your offer.  Use the 10 motivation triggers in your email marketing, and you will see results improve.  You will make more sales.

See you next time

– Wayne Sharer

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