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Want to Increase Sales?

Have you ever had an offer, or a web page of any kind where you knew you had many visitors?  You knew they were the “right,” highly targeted individuals yet you could not get them to take any action.  They wouldn’t opt in.  They wouldn’t click the links you wanted.  They wouldn’t buy anything.

Here are three ways to make your traffic more valuable, and boost the conversions – whether it is opt in conversions, click through conversions, or sales conversions. 

Ensure you really have the right eyes on the target

Let’s face it; your marketing won’t work if the wrong people are seeing it.  Sometimes what you thought was the best way to get in front of the right target audience turns out to be completely wrong.

If the wrong people see your message, what do you think the result will be?

Rightfully, your website should be very focused on a very specific market topic.  So you want to find other places that get these very same people coming to their site to see your message.

For instance, let’s say you sell weight loss by exercising products for women.  However, you are placing adds for your weight loss product on a websites that are weight loss for men by dieting.  What do you think the results of your marketing will be?

Sure, some people may actually look.  However, I would place a big wager that none will buy or opt in for your free offer.

If you use email for your marketing, the email list must be as highly targeted as well.  If the people on the list got there looking for home decorating, and you are trying to sell that same weight loss by exercising product, what do you suppose the result will be?

Are You Understood?

This is a language problem.  Not like you think.  Not whether you speak english, or french, or chinese.  It’s about presenting the right message to your audience.

Let’s say you marketing is on the right site, in front of the correct audience.  Yet visitors to your site still don’t take action, whatever that action may be.

If you don’t market with compelling copy that targets the right emotions and desires driving your audience, the struggle to make sales will remain a struggle.  People take action when they find what they seek.

Your visitors are inspired when you present them the conversation going on in their mind when the arrive at your site.  It is emotionally based 90% of the time.  Ineffective marketing copy is a major killer of business.

What time is it?

Seems like a crazy question, yet timing means a lot to your success.  If your message is hitting your market at the wrong time, it will be ineffective.

If you try to sell Christmas tree ornaments in June, regardless of how great they look, how many do you think you will sell?  That’s a very broad example, but you must hit your audience with the right message at the right timing.

Is your message coming out when they have no money?  Is your message focused on old news, when there is some compelling new action taking place related to your target audience?

Timing can revolve around a number of things like pay cycles and news releases, holidays, etc.  Make sure your timing is good.