Do you wish had an easy-to-use, all in one place guide to the ideal image size for each Facebook ad type?  I know I find getting the right Facebook image dimensions confusing, and it’s especially important for advertising.

If you use Facebook ads, you know that success with Facebook advertising has become increasingly more difficult.  Without the right resources, you can nearly guarantee you will spend more than you need to and obtain poor results.

On Facebook, visuals are key, and poor design of your ads whether in news feeds, posts, or side column, will cost you money in ad costs and lost sales opportunities.  Poor ad design = Facebook Ad Failure.

This Facebook master guide of all Facebook Ad image dimensions, video specifications, and ad specs brings everything into one place. Facebook changes so quickly, but this is current as of the August 2015.

This infographic includes the following (with the Facebook image dimensions):

  • Optimal Facebook Image Design size for uploaded images for all ad images
  • Text character limits for all Facebook ad types
  • Display image sizes — how the images actually appear — for news feed, mobile feed, and right column ads

These ad types are included in this infographic:

  • News Feed Clicks to Website and Website Conversions
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • Video Views

facebook image dimensions infographic

You can find Facebooks Ads Guide by going here.

(if you’re new to Facebook ads, and want to find out if Facebook advertising is right for you, get access to Facebook Social Lever here)

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