You’ve likely heard how the speed your webpages load is a significant factor in your overall search engine ranking.  This is a fact, and you’ve likely been frustrated trying to find a way to actually figure out what is slowing your site down.

I’m guessing you heard that plug ins in WordPress can slow your site down.  This is true also.  However, which plug in is actually slowing you down can be difficult to determine… especially if you are like me, and you have 25 or 30 or more plug ins running on some sites.

How to Know What’s Slowing Down Your WordPress

You know what a pain in the a** it is to sit there and turn on and off plug ins, one at a time.  Then have to load the page after each one.  And then not come up with an answer you are sure is correct.

So how can you know which WordPress plug in is slowing your site down?  Or more importantly, how can you speed up your WordPress site or installation without having to waste all you time turning on and off plugins one at a time?

A WordPress Plugin can Help

It is possible with a plug in released by GoDaddy.  Now I’m not a big fan of GoDaddy for those that are serious marketers.  But when someone makes something good, I give them credit.  This is good, and you need to have it.  You will speed up your WordPress site in about 5 minutes after installing this plug in.

The plugin is called P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler).  I used it on a site that I simply have had no luck figuring out what what causing it to be so slow.  Below is the result of the initial scan.  It showed sort of what I already knew, that my site could take almost 4 seconds to load…

You can see I had 38 plugins, and it took 3.857 for the page to load.  What the scan with P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) also showed was that just one plug in was causing the problem.  So I turned the plugin listed off, and here is the result…

Speed up WordPress by 10X

The one thing I found strange was it still said I had 38 plug ins active – but don’t focus on that.  Look at the load time.  That is a 10X (1000%) increase in the speed my page loads simply by finding the one plug in using up all the processing time when the page loaded.

It’s off, and the website works in a zip!  I haven’t been able to figure this out for over 2 years.  Now, with the first use of P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler), the site is fixed.  This is one WordPress plugin worth every second it takes to load and scan, and I thank GoDaddy for making it.