Have you ever wanted an authority blog — you know, a website you can use to help establish your credibility and your authority in your marketplace?

One of the most important tools in the Pure Leverage tool suite is the authority blog.  Doing business online without an authority blog for your business or yourself is literally delaying your progress in growth, and limiting your profits.

In this video training you will see how to set up your Pure Leverage authority blog for the best search engine results.  This training is not about setting up your them or writing articles and blog posts.  It is about the settings that will make Google, Bing, and Yahoo the most happy about how your website works.

This is very important to making your website relevant to the search engines.  Watch now to see how to set up your Pure Leverage authority blog.

 Note:  The Pure Leverage authority blog system is designed so you can use it for ANY business you choose.  You can brand yourself.  You can use it for a local business.  The Pure Leverage authority blog system has multiple themes you can customize for any business you choose.  It is the perfect blogging system for Pure Leverage business, other MLM business, affiliate marketing, branding yourself, branding your business, any company authority site.

It would not be ideal as the main website for a medium to large corporate business