How to Write Solo Ads that Covert and Get Leads

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

December 4, 2013

Imagine starting your business and making one of the most effect traffic and lead generation methods on the planet work for without losing any money first.  Do you think it’s possible?

Solo Ads and Ezine Advertising

Solo ads or ezine advertising is a crucial skill for new marketers, because if you do it well, your business will grow very rapidly at a very low cost.  Would low costs with high return work for you?  Let’s get started by looking at how to write solo ads effectively.

Solo ads are very targeted because an email list that is truly good, is targeted to a very specific audience.  That’s why you really need to qualify your clicks.  Since you will be paying for each click, you should be sure of the audience that is clicking.

Solo ads use all the principles of other email, but do it without overdoing it.  You want people to click, but you want the right people to click.

So what I am saying is don’t try to “force” a click to make your reader see what you have.  Doing this will get the wrong people opening your ad, and then immediately abandoning it when they see you really do not have anything they want.

Subject Line Principles

In a previous post we looked in detail at specific types of subject lines.  You do things like using these styles:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Freebies
  3. News
  4. Savings
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Scarcity – Urgency
  7. Numbers

There’s more, but these are good ideas.  Typically the best combination is to use some form of curiosity combined with a benefit.

Use Audience Qualifers

Adding some kind of audience qualifier works well, too.  Here’s an example:

  • Local SEO Experts: 5 Free tools You Must Have
  • Do you see how this literally calls out your target and leaves the targeted reader wondering what’s inside he or she must have?
  • It also tells them there is nothing to buy upfront while igniting the curiosity.
  • So now your reader is wondering why they must be using them, or they well will try to act smart and justify looking at it to see that they already have what you offer (even though they probably don’t).

There isn’t a benefit in this subject line, so you might want to adjust for that.

Other examples might be:

  • [first name], is your local SEO business doing this?
  • Do you use any of these in your Local SEO business?
  • 5 Reasons your local SEO business is struggling
  • The ugly truth about building a local SEO business
  • If you suck at Local SEO, then ignore this…

Creating Your Email Body Copy

For solo ads, you will generally find that short copy is best. The numbers show this, so don’t crazy reinventing the wheel.

Remember, the goal of your Solo email ad is to get the reader to click to your landing page, not to make the sale.  You are not emailing sales pages.

This doesn’t eliminate further qualifying your reader.  You want this final click on your link to be very highly qualified.

I covered this specifically in a previous post.   Remember to use the first one or two line to challenge them, or make a big statement, or hit them with a question to drive them to a clear action.  Mention something specific about a common problem your reader may be facing.

The place a link.

Next, in a line or two, be an agitator using the problem you’ll solve.  Remind them of the problem, and then offer a benefit waiting for them when they click the link. Place a second call to action, and another link.

Calls of action are simple, and command the reader to take a specific action, and do it now.

Here’s some examples of calls to actions:

  • Think this would help you?  Then click here now to boost your profits fast.
  • Make this report yours, click here now.
  • Click immediately to stop the panic attacks today
  • The movie starts immediately when you click this link now

The PS and its Power

Virtually every great copy writing genius agrees that PS is something that should not be forgotten.

In solo ads, typically adding a PS with urgency or scarcity works best.  Some use benefits as well.

Here’s an example attempting to use all these elements:

Using the Local SEO business, let’s look at a potential body.

Hi [first name]

Are you getting all the leads you need for your local SEO business?  If not, you may be doing this wrong.

This all new guide has 5 incredibly simple techniques you can use today, and you can download your free copy here:

[Your Link]

We all need qualified leads to put our local business in the profit zone.

But sometimes we work too hard and end up missing out really simple ways to get customers fast.

Want to stop missing out on valuable customers?

Make these secrets yours by clicking here now:

[Your Link]

Stay well

[Your Name]

PS – You can learn these strategies in under an hour and be using them before the end of the day.
Grab your gift copy now, before the offer is pulled.

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In the Easy Lead Network Team, we apply these techniques daily, and have in depth training that’s included for team members.  If you like the idea of making 100% commissions on valuable products and services, join our team today.

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Was this helpful?  Let me know in the comments…

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  1. Rachelle

    I’ve had problems getting conversions with my solo ads. These points here seem to be everything I violate. Ha… thanks for writing this, Wayne. It’s definitely helping me out a lot.

    • Wayne Sharer

      Glad you could use the info on solo ads, Rachelle. Remember, you have to be delivering what people want. Get into their minds and include their hot buttons in your solo ads.


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