Do you have a product, service or offer, and think your refund rate is too high?

Though sometimes it can be because your product isn’t very good, the reality is… if you’re an ethical business person, creating or selling products or services of good or great quality, you will still have refunds.

So is it possible for you to do something to end the refunds?

The truth is, refunds are a reality.  People enter offers of value with varying levels of commitment.  If you can’t interact with the customer directly, you have no impact on that level of commitment.

Refunds, for ethical, and value adding entrepreneurs (like you) are a reality and are not something personal.  You must set your mindset to expect them.

At the same time, there remains things you can do to seriously reduce the refunds, and influence your customers level of commitment to the product he or she just purchased from you.

In this video below, Max Simon reviews these 3 things for you, and creates a clear path for you to follow to get control of your refunds.  Watch it now…

What do you think? Can these three methods really decrease refunds? Have you tried them or what have you tried that works. Share you thoughts and ideas below…