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American military veterans are truly a great group of people who have written many books over the years.  Here a listing of some wonderful books by veterans you should have in your personal library.

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By Leo Amie Labrie

When Charlie Harrison was born outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921, no one could have predicted the perils he would encounter on his journey through life. Enlisting in the Marine Corps at the young age of eighteen,

Charlie was one of the very few men in American history who was imprisoned as POWs during two different wars, World War II and the Korean War. He then served valiantly in yet a third conflict, Vietnam.

Charlie Harrison’s story is one of determination, faith, courage, love for his country, and an incredible will to overcome all obstacles with honor and dignity.

ISBN-13: 978-1-68409-211-6

by Wayne Sharer

The man who wrote the book on mentoring and success, and devoted his life to leading with the truth, Wayne Sharer, exposes the insanity overtaking America through the deceptive politics of both parties, the lies and truths from the media about science, the Constitution, and the genocide from the Middle East.

From the beginning of politics in America, deceptive truths have been common. Now, sophisticated operators in both parties use tactics once only found in regimes like the Nazis, the Soviet Union and Mao’s China to divide the nation and drive you and your children to misguided decisions that destroy the roots of American society. None of this will make you better off, while creating a political class you no longer have the power to remove.

Our enemies seek to destroy us, literally get away with the genocide of Christians, Jews, Gays, and anyone not Muslim enough for their liking. The American “political class” have you turning a blind eye to this mass murder while quibbling over what will ultimately prove to be the destruction of America as a moral authority, and international leader.

Political correctness, judicial equality, marriage equality, gender rights, global warming, racial issues real or fabricated have us turning a blind eye to global catastrophe. Delivering a false American history, presented without the truth, your decisions will be the death of you, me, and America as we know it.

With a unique, nothing-held-back style of bringing you the truth from the historical and scientific sources, Wayne Sharer documents the real facts and history behind the issues being twisted to create the insanity of growing hate and divisiveness in our society.

American Insanity, cuts through murk like you have never experienced. It’s time you can decide your beliefs and own your future with truth.

ISBN-10: 1682891143

ISBN-13: 978-1682891148

By Michael T. Keene

Eight boys from the rural community of Holley, New York, died fighting in Vietnam. All went to the same high school where the average graduating class consisted of just 30 students.

This is believed to be one of the highest casualty rates per capita of any town and school in the United States. The ‘Holley boys’ were awarded 40 medals for combat and valor including seven Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star, Silver Star and the Vietnamese Cross for Gallantry. But they were more than soldiers and heroes.

They played Little League, were Boy Scouts, went to sock-hops and performed in the high school marching band. But they also drove hot-rods, drank beer, smoked, and brawled.

They weren’t angels. They were boys–once. Now, nearly 50 years later, their stories are finally told. Drawing upon over 60 interviews with family members, access to personal letters, diaries, newspaper accounts of the day and after-action combat reports, we learn not only about the lives of these boys but also about a seldom-seen slice of American society and a remarkable small town you probably never heard of, before that damn war changed everything.

ISBN-10: 0692794379 ISBN-13: 978-0692794371

By Ronald Ymbras, Matthew Ymbras, Eric Rovelto

Few Veterans will ever get to visit the many Vietnam Veteran Memorial sites located in States throughout the USA yet many wish they could… Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Veteran Memorials in the USA gives everyone an opportunity to visually visit these memorial sites, find information and read the names of those who didn’t return home. Fallen Never Forgotten is a thoughtful gift, a meaningful fundraiser item, and an enduring addition to any book collection.

Contains over 350 full color photos on gloss #80 high-quality paper 268 pages – 12″x 9″ Hardcover.

Available at

ISBN: 9780692605318

by LCol Thomas R. Waldron

During the war in Southeast Asia, the author flew combat missions in three different aircraft: The KC-135 Tanker, and the HH-3 and HH-53 USAF Rescue Helicopters. This book recounts rescue missions flown by H-3 and H-53 Jolly Green crews in 1969 and 1970 in Laos and North and South Vietnam.

Lt Col Waldron also gives personal details of the Son Tay raid from the cockpit of Apple3, the mission gunship. In the pre-dawn hours of November 21, 1970, Apple 3 crossed the center of the POW camp at Son Tay, North Vietnam, some 23 miles northwest of Hanoi, N.V. and neutralized both gun towers before the US Army Special Forces were inserted. Lt Col Waldron and others received the Silver Star for the heroism and bravery they displayed during their daring attempt to rescue American POWs

ISBN: 9781469925479

by DL Havlin

Havlin simultaneously peeks at the events of the1928 Okeechobee Hurricane that struck Florida, and how Don Roebling was determined to invent a rescue boat that can conquer the swamps, the flooding, and the debris to save lives. The partnership that followed became history, and the creation of what would soon be known as the AMTRAKs and Higgins Boats would change the course of not only the war but the world.

Blue Water Red Blood is the poignant story of how, together, these two Americans faced and conquered red tape, engineering obstacles, corruption and personal trials to train and equip the US Marine for their greatest challenges.

ISBN-10: 1943789673

ISBN-13: 978-1943789672

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