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Wayne is a lifelong leader and expert digital marketer.  He wrote the book on leadership development for overpowering any obstacle in your path.  He also wrote the book on reputation marketing – RepFluence Marketing.

Wayne has authored 5 books, and made hundreds of videos, training courses, and coached for leading entrepreneurs.  He co-founded a digital marketing agency focusing on SEO, Reputation Marketing, and Video Marketing.

Fee Range: $5,000 to $12,500

Travels From: Various - Be Sure to Ask

Your next event is unique. Please let us know exactly where and when your event is being held, and what your theme and objectives are so we can be sure we are a good fit. Wayne can customize any program to compliment and boost your corporate messaging and strategic objectives. Please note that all fees are negotiable based on event date, event location, audience size and audience composition. Call (+001) 703-879-3026 or fill out the form below to check availability.

Be sure to check the additional details and frequently asked questions immediately below the contact form.

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What's your event budget?

Please contact us for Wayne’s standard fee structure for domestic locations which include the USA, Canada and Mexico, and international events. Please include your budget if it is at all possible because when prospective event clients provide candid budgeting details we then can immediately understand what we’re dealing with and find ways to be compatible for you and us. Some of the possibilities may even surprise you, even if your budget is lower than Wayne’s standard fees.

We really do want to fit within your budget whenever possible.  In fact, we hope it’s the easy part. The biggest “issue” for us is making sure the fit between the speaker and your strategic event objectives are right. There is almost always a way to make it work.

Travel and Accommodations Requirements
Unless otherwise agreed upon, travel expenses (including flights, hotel accommodation, ground transportation and meals) are always paid for by the client and can be negotiated as to how they will be paid. Wayne will fly economy for flights not longer than six (6) hours. For longer flights, particularly overseas flights and long, transcontinental flights, business class travel is strongly preferred as Wayne is tall, and the economy seats are not…
For overseas or international events, Wayne’s minimum is three-nights at the event destination; two nights before his speaking session and one after. This allows for adjusting to time zone changes and getting adequate rest prior to addressing your audience and event. Two hotel nights (one before the speaking session and one after) is workable when the arrival time is before 12 noon on the day prior to the speaking engagement.
Do you do all-inclusive fees?

We are aware that to smooth out the event budgeting process, many organizations prefer to use all-inclusive fees. We can accommodate these requests. Please provide us with the hotel rate and we will check flights for your event dates. We will then send you an all-inclusive quote and pay for the travel expenses directly. You will receive just one invoiced for the all-inclusive amount and won’t need to worry about unexpected or unplanned travel expenses.

Can fees be negotiated?
Wayne’s a business man, so of course he understands how speaking fees vary significantly depending on (a) the date and location of the event, (b) the size of the audience and it’s composition, (c) the opportunity for spin-off and future business, (d) the potential for gaining consulting clients, (e) and details of the speaking event. Don’t let budget be the only thing stopping you.  If you believe Wayne would be a good fit for your event, let us know the details. 
Many event organizers believe that a short lead time reduces flexibility, but the opposite can easily be the reality. If your event is just two or three weeks away, and Wayne actually has the dates available on his calendar, we will do everything possible to secure the opening for you.  If your event is still four or five months out, there actually are less reasons to justify any significant discount. 
Nevertheless, contact us regardless of the situation.  Every event is different and our top priority is to spread Wayne’s message of opportunity and optimism, as well as to share his skills.  We welcome all possible options to put something together.
Are there deposits and contracts?

To lock in a particular event date, we request a signed contract (or memorandum of understanding) and also 50% deposit of the speaking fees. This is essential particularly for international events.  Wayne will not initiate his travel before a deposit and the contract are received and agreed upon. We are happy to use your format as long as the essentials above are covered.

Is cash payment acceptable?
Wayne has spent much time in many international locations and understands that In some parts of the world, cash payment is normal so it’’s certainly O.K. with us. Simply let us know if this is your preference. We will prepare a cash receipt ahead of time and provide it when payment is made (usually this is upon arrival).
Flexibility of the speaking fee is not effected by cash payment. Wayne declares all of his income as required in the USA with the IRS, Customs and appropriate people, regardless of its source.  However, paying in cash can affect the 50% deposit necessary to secure your event date. Contact us for more on how to handle this.
Can you accept wire transfers?

When the speaking fee is agreed upon, we will provide you with full wire transfer instructions if needed. Please note that international wire transfers can take two or three days to actually clear all banks and post in our account. If your event is approaching quickly, please ensure there is enough time for the funds to clear. Please understand that Wayne will not begin travel for international events before the 50% deposit has been received.

Can slides be provided in advance?
Wayne certainly can provide PowerPoint slides in advance of your event.  Just keep in mind he does dozens of events each year and often just a week or two to focus on your presentation. This means he may make significant adjustments to the slide deck right up until the last minute. Though Wayne hates last minute adjustments, sometimes these changes make great improvements to the presentation. We will meet all deadlines but request the opportunity to submit updated versions closer to the event date.
Also, Wayne’s slides are highly visual and rarely have more than a few words on them.  He speaks from his heart and mind. Reviewing the slides without Wayne’s actual narration will not really provide a true understanding of the message. Also, 60-minute presentations can easily have over a hundred slides. He creates an experience for his audiences, relying on the visual slides to add perspective and depth to his comments.
Remember, his PowerPoint files can easily be up to 30 MB.  Email cannot handle files this large.  Instead, Wayne will share the file on Google Drive, Dropbox, or by some other means so you can easily download the file directly to your computer.
Finally, if an event-specific template is required, we will do our best to accommodate the requirement.  Remember that picture-based slides must remain clear of border branding unless the graphic can easily be added on top of the primary image. Use event templates for the opening and closing slides is relatively easy and we find that that this is often all that’s needed to maintain branding continuity for the event.
What is the attire?

Wayne typically wears a suit and tie or good looking jacket and trousers to his events. Professional speakers mostly prefer to be dressed slightly better than the best-dressed person in the audience. However, for some audiences, this detracts from the message. Some audiences even distrust people wearing suits. Please let us know what is the most appropriate attire for your audience. Wayne can certainly wear more casual clothes when appropriate.

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