A life-long history of leadership and advise, Wayne has been instrumental in propelling others to greater success. He’s served as a leader of international forums in both Europe and South America, bringing people together for solutions most thought impossible.  His clients have included leading direct marketers as well as local startups and non-profits.  All in all, his advice has led to more 25 million dollars in growth and sales and saved countless individuals and companies millions as well.

The common denominator of all this success of those he advised is the core motivation to…

  • Implement and expand success strategies
  • Create products or provide services second to none
  • Flourish an experience that emboldens huge success
  • Spawn a new bounty of freedom, growth, and personal time

“Wayne is uncategorically the best.  My most trusted “assistant” for leadership and resolving operational issues.”

T. Heijl

“Wayne Sharer profoundly improved every aspect of my business.  Unrivaled leadership knowledge.  He has profoundly and permanently improved everything.”

J. Huber

“Wayne is, in large measure, responsible for our success.  The most dedicated professional I have worked with.  An innovative leader…”

D. Lyle

“Wayne is always ahead of the game and has my complete trust as an adviser, leader and manager. He is a true leader of unique ability to positively influence total improvement.  There is none better.”

C. McKown

“Exceptionally foresighted and brilliant leader.  His presence guarantees success.  Wayne is my most trusted and reliable adviser.”

J. Patrick

“Aggressive, exceptionally talented and thorough.  Wayne has been a key element in developing future strategies and building my success.”

P. Quast

“Wayne is a superstar, highly professional and key to my personal and professional successes.”

C. Wyatt

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