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If you’re event or seminar needs a high power keynote speaker to light the crowd on fire and motivate your people or team into action, you have found the right place. Wayne’s Keynote programs provide the most unique and tantalizing experience your audience will have or ever had.  He brings passion with unbelievable straight forwardness that shocks your crowd for the entire event.

Meet Wayne Sharer, Best-selling co-author of “The Art and Science of Success Volume 2,” as well as author of “Protege Profits and hundreds of articles and ebooks. Wayne’s work is consistently inspiring and produces results. If your looking for and event to be remembered, look no further.

Not Just Another Motivational Speaker

How many times have you brought in a speaker and the “talk” was full of “dead man” quotes and cliches covering the last 4 decades?

I don’t know cliches and can’t remember what dead men said.  I shoot straight, and in terms no one can misunderstand.  I bring things to light for your audience in my terms, not those of everyone else.  In fact, I hate listening to “dead men” quotes, so I pretty much either walk out or go to sleep when a speaker uses them.


I don’t speak because I need things.  In fact, I don’t really buy much of anything.  I simply love helping and seeing people move ahead to the goals and levels of achievement they reach for.

As a retired Navy flyer, I’ve commanded a combat squadron from aircraft carriers and ran a team of 5,000 people through the equivalent of living hell.  I’ve lived and survived my own hell as well, and will work passionately to help others never go there.

Do your event, your organization, your seminar the most amazing service imaginable and contact me with the form below.  I guarantee you an unforgettable event, and you will be glad you are the one who helped your audience in Being Their Destiny!

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