3 Big Lies About What You Thought You Needed for Success

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

February 2, 2013

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Don’t be mislead

You will hear this repeatedly. The three things needed for you to succeed in starting a business online. The problem is, they are wrong.

The reason they are believed is because everyone, every media, every resource keeps repeating them without doing any simple research. We all are guilty of this. Particularly in politics. The news media simply repeats what a pundit or political figure says. They don’t check the facts, and they sell you a bill of goods all based on half truths that have actually been proven, through history, research and statistics, to be wrong.

The Willpower Myth

Virtually every “success” guru tells you the key to getting started is setting your goals and use extreme willpower to make it happen. This is not only wrong, it has been proven in thousands of experiments how willpower or self-control is used up rapidly because it is really a very limited resource. The principal reason it doesn’t work is because humans place more self-control demands on themselves than any other creature on earth.

When you focus all your willpower on a single effort, you do in fact use it up. So you may be thinking you can conserve willpower for your business, but if you do, you will use up your reserves and have very little left for anything else in your life.

Willpower is needed, and it will help you get started. Focusing some of it on starting your online business will help, but cannot be relied on to carry you to success. This is a proven fact.

What works instead? Wanting something, and wanting it in an overwhelming way. Wanting something does not require willpower or self-control. It’s why I tell you over and over you must want your business as much as you want to breathe. Wanting lasts as long as you retain your goals.

The Procrastination Myth

While it is true procrastinating will ensure you never get to the goals you seek, much of the procrastination is rooted in your focus on willpower. It’s why when you are faced with the choice of working on your long term goal of creating a successful online business and doing something immediately fun like watching your favorite television show, the TV most often wins.

To beat procrastination to death, the ability to defeat it must not focus on willpower, but instead must focus on your wants and desires. Your wants around achieving success online likely include things like taking your long deserved vacation, having more free time, working only when you want, buying your dream home, retiring long before you die, sending your kids to the college of their choice and not worrying how you will pay for it.

Your wants around watching the TV show don’t even compare. In fact, there probably aren’t any real wants related to the show other than to watch it because you like it.

Your wants related to business success are overwhelming, and your desire to procrastinate by watching TV is smothered by the want to succeed with your online business. There is no willpower involved.

The Power of Attraction Myth

Many have been lead to believe that simply imagining something will make it happen. Though this is not what is meant by the power of attraction, it is how it is frequently interpreted. Simply imagining in your mind what you want is not sufficient to create success.

The famous movie “The Secret” deals with this, but it leaves people believing all they have to do is imagine what they want, and it will happen. Ever given that a try?

It is true building and maintaining an image of possessing what you want is extremely powerful. The trick here is being linked to your wants and desires. It must have a direct link. Imagining your future as if it exists today, and linking it directly with your wants will create an unbelievably powerful route to success.

Let’s put it all together

Link the images of what represents the results of your wants, with the power of wanting and you eliminate procrastination and the dependency on the limited resource of willpower. The end is, you get results that pay. You’ve killed the the 3 big lies about achieving success.

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