How ANTs Can Make You Think Positive, and 3 Apples Boost Your Brain

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

February 7, 2013

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The Fruit of Success

You have an amazing tool, a wondrous machine you carry around with you every day, and you don’t even come close to capturing its full capabilities.  This machine has powers most still don’t know exist, and were only discovered in the last 15  years.  The news has been slow to travel.  Most of us have been more interested in the latest iPhone or tablet release and have ignored this powerful capability you already own.

The human brain is a great mystery to medical science and the average person like you and me.  But did you know what scientists have discovered about the abilities and functions of the brain in the last 15 years is nothing less than awe inspiring?  Even more amazing are the changes you can create in your life just using a small portion of these discoveries to boost your brain.

Dr. Richard M. Restak MD, Neurology says, “If you learn about the new brain research discoveries, and if you learn and apply techniques based upon those discoveries, you can expect a lifetime of enhanced achievements.”  Restak is, according to Scientific American, “One of the world’s most important scientific thinkers.”

I found out about Restak through a speaker I met in Irvine, Ca. named Doug Bench, owner of the Brain Training Academy.  Bench has taken and digested the science of Restak and turned it into easily understood ways to apply the techniques based upon the amazing recent discoveries.  These are techniques you can use today.  Bench calls them Brain Apples.

Here’s 3 Brain Apples You Can Use Today

Create future memories.

This sort of puts reality on the mysticism of the concepts talked about in the book and movie “The Secret” and the laws of attraction.  It has to do with the reality science has shown that your brain creates a fascinating network of DSP’s (it’s scientific mumbo jumbo, but it’s proven real).  Essentially, when you go bed at night, create pictures in your mind of what your life looks like when you succeed.  Bench calls it a future success scene.

Run this picture repeatedly, as often as you can.  Seize any moment you can to play the scene.  Also, write the scene down.  All this activity stimulates the growth of the vital DSPs mapping out for your brain what it needs to be doing.  As you relive this scene as often as possible, let yourself feel the emotions involved with having achieved them.  As you reach your goals, create new scenes and live them the same.

Super size your greeting

Bench sorta puts it this way; your brain is stupid.  It doesn’t know the difference between reality and fiction.  I’m not being mean or degrading here.  Restak science confirms this.  So let’s take advantage of this scientific fact.  Your brain hears everything you say, and takes it quite literally.  Scary thought isn’t it – but true.

Let’s leverage this to actually change our state of mind!  When someone asks you, “How are you?” or “How you doing today?” or anything about your state of mind, replay emphatically that you are doing great.  That you are awesome.  That you are doing terrific.  Why?

Because your brain will actually believe you are as you say you are, particularly when you repeat it over and over and over again.  Don’t focus on what you consciously see or feel.  Your sub-conscious has 5/6th of the power of your brain, and it is what you must overpower to win.  So always greet people with, as Bench says, “a larger than life, super positive message.”

Stomp the ANTS

Bench calls automatic negative thoughts “ANTs.” There is a part of your neural system called the amygdala which, in a nutshell, causes you to emphasize negative thoughts.  It is believed this is a natural defense from when we humans were running around the plains, dodging the saber-toothed tigers.

So, the negative thoughts will always occur.  You can’t stop them from showing up.  What you can do is not complete them.  Almost anything that comes up that begins with the expression of “always” or “never” is one of the ANTs. An example might be, “I never make any money online. Everyone always beats me to the sale.”

Bench covers this in more detail, but here is what you do to stop the ANTs.  Every time you think a negative thought, turn it around to a positive.  Don’t let the negative persist.  Simply trying to dam up the negative thought without converting the thought to a positive can actually make you physically and mentally sick.  Therefore, capture the thought and convert the thought from a negative to a positive – no exceptions.

Doug Bench has 16 “Brain Apples” in his book “Revolutionize Your Brain: Kiss Your Old Brain Goodbye!”  This book is just one of many ways Bench teaches people how to do what Dr Restak says and discover “a lifetime of enhanced achievements.”

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