As the Leader, It’s Your Job to Employ Qualified Candidates

A leader in business must take the responsibility to employ qualified candidates.  You certainly know this. However, this can often be overwhelming. With how fast things move in the market today, it helps to have a guide. Here are ways to ensure you make the right choice when hiring candidates:

1. Drug Testing

The person interviewing for the job in front of you might not seem like a drug user. However, you never know what kind of checkered past they could have. If you don’t use employment drug testing already as part of your strategy for hiring, you should consider starting. The last thing any business wants is someone who is not in the right state of mind. This person can lead to poor work results, tardiness, bad attitudes, and even dangerous behaviors around colleagues and customers.

2. Background Check

If someone is a criminal, they might be more prone to lie. Therefore there is no reason to accept what that person says at face value. To be consistent, always conduct background checks on employees.

The only way to know for sure is to use an official database for this. While it may incur some costs, it is much less than paying for more insurance or a lawsuit from an employee who steals from customers or brings terrible light to your business.

Also be aware that everything in these databases isn’t 100% accurate, just like credit databases.  Don’t hesitate to question your candidate about the record and even use a second source.

3. Multiple Interviews

Don’t make the mistake of conducting one interview and assuming you know exactly who to choose for the open position.

There are so many people looking for work today that the benefit is really with the employer. You can take your pick. Don’t rush, interview multiple people on the same.

Even consider having them come in at the same time for a group interview to emphasize how you are in control and are the selector in the process.

4. Use Different Sources

Multiple sources of candidates mean you lower your risk. Use online sources, in person sources, and fliers at your physical location. This way, you have a better chance of finding the right fit by spreading your reach even farther.

5. Check References

Checking the references of the employee is essential to any hiring decision. The reference gives insight to the work ethic of the employee and what kind of person he/she is. As high as 89% of employers check references when making their hiring decisions. Always do this to verify what the interviewee has said.

If you are the hiring manager or otherwise the leader in your company, take the helm when it comes to hiring. By ensuring you have the best candidates in place you can enjoy more productivity and profit in your business. Use the advice above and screen the most qualified applicants going forward.


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