How to Protect Your Online Business and Online Assets

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

January 14, 2015

If you sincerely want to protect what you create in your business and your personal life and store it online on your home or business computer, then you should take just a few minutes to consider these things.

What things? The things you need to know about what happens if you don’t protect your online business and online assets with some kind of offsite data backup.

So I’m not talking about legal protection here. I am talking about something even more basic. Something you should be doing, and likely are not.

It’s backing up your most precious files off site. This means not on another computer at your home or office, not on a removable hard drive at your home. No, I mean quite literally somewhere not at your home or office. This is very important.

I think you’ll be shocked by what you are about to read next…

Facts About Data Loss and Data Backup At Home and Office

  • Did you know 11% of every home PC or Mac will be subject to a major episode of data loss in any given year? Extrapolating from 2008 data on numbers of PCs and personal Macs, this is about 5 million data loss events. For business, this translated to $14.2 billion lost in 2011 alone. (The Cost of Data, by David M. Smith)
  • This will make you cringe… 37% of all PC and Mac users have lost ALL of their files due to events totally out of their control
  • Data loss disasters for business typically results in 60% of companies suffering the loss to go out of business in 6 months or less
  • 30% of all businesses suffering a significant fire go out of business within a year. 70% fail within 5 years. A major factor is the loss of data stored onsite (Home Office Computing Magazine)
  • 34% of small businesses fail to test their tape backups and other onsite backups. Of those that actually do test, 77% found their back ups failed.
  • 93% of small businesses that actually lose data for 10 days or more due to any data disaster file for bankruptcy within a year of the disaster. Fifty per cent of businesses that lacked data management for the period of disaster went bankrupt immediately. (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)
  • In the U.S.A., businesses lost more than $7.6 billion resulting from viruses during the first 6 months of 1999. (Research by Computer Economics)
  • When a company cannot resume business operations within 10 days of the data disaster, they are not likely to survive. (Strategic Research Institute)
  • Each and Every week in the U.S.A alone over 140,000 hard drives crash with no means of restoring them
  • Every Day and estimated 3 Million Family Photos are lost. Yes, this is a DAILY number.
  • Getting drive recovery services can cost as much as $7,500 and your success is NOT guaranteed!

Those statistics are alarming, to put it mildly. However, these numbers are based only on what is reported. You can imagine how much goes unreported, particularly with home data storage.

Removable hard drives are nice, but they don’t really solve the problem. These drives crash and they are also lost in fires, and floods and other disasters right along with the computer drives they are backing.

Offsite data backup is the only way to go. It has saved me over the years and allowed me to recover data I thought was gone – because I forgot I was doing the offsite backup.

Thank God I had the backup.

I’ve used different services over the years, but now the one I recommend for you is called GotBackup. It is simple. It is easy. It stores your data securely across numerous cloud locations so you can’t lose your most precious files, photos, images, videos, etc.

Regardless of what happens, GotBackup will be there, and … big plus… you can also share file anywhere using GotBackup.

Apple Mac users should note that Apples services only backup your operating system and apps for free. Other data costs you and is not being backed up unless you purchased a plan. Of course, this could change. But as of the writing of this, there is no free backup of your personal or business files.

Watch the video below to see how GotBackup works so easily…

Get GotBackup Details Here

Get GotBackup Details Here

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  1. Shay

    Thanks for reminding me about backing up. I hadn’t considered it. Well, actually, I have, but keep putting it off. I’m going to get this GotBackup. I’ve heard it’s simple like you say, and it’s hot.

    • Wayne Sharer

      I would hate to see anyone lose all their digital material… for any reason, Shay. So hopefully you will follow through just so you take care of yourself.


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