Living the Dream Instead of Just Existing

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

May 21, 2014

Could you be living the dream? Isn’t it amazing what technology can accomplish? Go to sleep for more than a couple of hours, then wake up and everything changes. Well maybe not that fast, but you know what I mean.

How Far Can You Reach?

All of your thoughts and mine can be shared throughout the planet. We can make digital connections almost anywhere and send it anytime time you feel like. You can receive it all just as easy.

Using the internet you have email, social media and literally anyone can publish a website with your own thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and opinions.

But really, think about it… What made it all possible to exist?

What Make it All Possible

It wasn’t just computers. It was something much more powerful and something we all have if you choose to use it… human curiosity and passion.

The secret to it all is you, me, us. It’s everyone who does more than just exist.

Without you, me, and us, there would be no force or no power to drive the technology. Technology is useless without the real force that matters. You are the force that matters.

Those that realize the greatest social network is real human connections create the living and do not just merely exist.

The Greater Computer You Own

Your brain and your intelligence remain the great computer in existence. The “technology” of being human is the most amazing technology there yet found.

Your thoughts swirl together to create endless ideas, choices, and possibilities to guide you through life itself. They are the source of amazing adventures if you so choose to allow them to be.

Your thoughts are a combination of facts, feelings, and beliefs generating and connecting you to your passions. These thoughts ultimately fuel the inspiration we need to live the most incredible lives imaginable.

The Impact on Humanity?

Each move you make impacts humanity. Often the impact is far greater than you or I could ever imagine. Inside you is never ending power change and influence the world and you need to do is look deep inside and find it.

The question is, how do you find the power do it. Of course, it is by living and not just existing. You take the bull by the horns and do the things your thoughts create and not just go to sleep and dream about it.

What’s the Secret to Living the Dream?

The real secret is to live a dream, not just exist. That is the magic power of your humanity. It’s inside you already and only requires physical action. Physical action in many forms like writing, dancing, talking, movement, laughter, research, buildings… you live.

By doing you find and get to know your true passions and release your power.

You are living in a most incredible time to do anything you want with technology. Every day it gets even more incredible. Anything you do can be shared with millions in microseconds.

The Mold for Life

You can mold your life like an artist in any shape you want. The tools that exist and are being invented every minute make the possibilities endless.

The most important thing for you and I to remember is technology is not the master. You are the artist and you possess the power to change and mold the world and create the benefits to help others. Every action you take is a step in living the dream and not just existing.

Make sure you’re living the dream with real living

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