Did you see the latest?

The experts are all lying to you.  You don’t have to plan your business.  You don’t have to know your market. You don’t have to have good content that talks directly to your customers.

No, it’s all lies…

Alright, so what’s the point.  Everything before this paragraph is totally bogus.  Yet it’s the classic line hucksters and scammers use to draw you into their useless garbage which will never get you even one step closer to a real business of your own.

Because these conniving thieves are so good at briefly getting their crap in front of newbies just starting their searches for the “magic formula” to get your business up and rolling fast, an overwhelming number of people continue to make the same mistakes.

Don’t worry, I made the mistakes, too.  Which is why this concerns me and should concern you.

To many, this may seem simple, or basic.  But to most who are just starting their first business of any kind, it’s – in many ways – a shocker…

… Your online business does not start with a website!

It starts many steps before that, and is built in layers.

As a retired naval aviator, strategies were a big part of my daily life.  What rang true for everything successful was that success is build in layers.  You must start with the most basic of skills and functions and add the more complicated steps in layers.

You must also have patience.  If you try building the layers too fast, and then drive the urge to succeed too strong, you skip layers, and it all falls apart.

Thus I developed Layered Traffic™.  Layered Traffic™ is the building block of your online information product business or your online coaching — regardless of the niche you’ve chosen.

Layered Traffic™ puts everything together in the right order so you can launch your business with same confidence I could launch off the front of and aircraft carrier knowing I would win today’s battle.

The first step of Layered Traffic™ shows the single most important thing about your online success why and how to select a niche so you know exactly where you’re going from the very beginning.

This single step alone, is the one thing an overwhelming majority of new business students fail to grasp.

How do I know?

Well, I teach hundreds of students in conjunction with Eben Pagan on the success strategies.  Every session reflects the same missing element — The understanding of what your niche really is.  Solve this problem, and your chances for success have skyrocketed.

If you would like to learn these techniques, and then how to build each layer — one upon the other — visit me at YourTrafficStarterBlog.com where Layered Traffic™ was invented, and where it will see to it you have the best chance of success.