Have you ever wondered how you can make your business appear as the expert it is through using your website or blog?  Since you are a business leader in your niche market, you need your web visitors to grasp your expertize rapidly when they arrive at your page.

Content marketing is essential to dominate your market, and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as most of us think.  You see, you don’t have to be writing tons of lenghthy original content, day in and day out until you drop.  On the other hand, publishing content will “make you the expert” in your field, and being a recognized expert who delivers makes your business grow!

In fact, you can develop your content marketing using a process the media, the major magazines, and the top news blogs online use called content curation.  First, be aware that content curation does not mean auto blogging or using bots to make decisions for you.   It is a process of gathering resources as the expert you are, and making these resources easily accessible to your audience.

If you worry your readers will leave your site because you have links to other places, I suggest you grow up.  They can leave your site anytime they want regardless of what you do, so get past that notion of trying to “prevent” readers from leaving.  You want to give your readers reason to come back.

Content marketing and content curation are all about your readers, and giving them what they want, and giving them reason to come back.  It is a process for marketers who own a business, and understand your business exists and profits because you provide real solutions and value to your customers.

Below are some of the latest ideas and insights on content marketing and content curation.  If you have more ideas or questions, be sure to leave your comments below this article.

Breaking Down the Steps to Content Curation

Learn more at: labs.openviewpartners.com Margot Bloomstein, brand and content strategist at Appropriate Inc., discusses why content curation should be an invaluable part of any company’s content marketing strategy.

Why is Content Marketing so hot right now?

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14 Sources for Content Curation Inspiration – Content Marketing 


Increasingly, content marketers are employing content curation, the process of finding, organizing and sharing third-party content, as a part of their content marketing efforts. Earlier this year, my company released a survey with 

Be sure to take a look at the 14 sources article above to get you started solidifying your place online as a true market expert in ANY niche market.  With a commitment to delivering quality information your content marketing can seriously take you over the top.