Do you own a small business or are you thinking of starting one with a strong online presence?  If so, you likely are aware of all the video and images being exchanged around the web, particularly in social media and social media advertising.

In a previous article on social media I stated small business isn’t dying if you don’t do social media, but individual businesses do grow using it.  There is a social media better designed for visual exchange and mobile devices than any other.  The site is Pinterest.


3 Ways to Pin Profits at Pinterest

What the heck is Pinterest anyhow?

It is simply a virtual pinboard in a social network setting with a total emphasis on the visual.  You can literally showcase your interests – or if your a business, your individual product lines and services.  It’s all done by “pinning” images on your board with descriptions.  If other people like it, they can re-pin it to their own pin board.

Of course, the pinned image is also clickable to start the viewer along a mini sales funnel or lead capture funnel.  Why you need Pinterest is it is perfectly suited as a social shopping center, and its growing faster than any network online.

3 Ways Marketers can Pin to Win

First, you can literally pin to win by setting up contests.  Naturally you will need a prize appealing to your ideal customer.  Since Pinterest is all about visual stimulation, you should be able to present your prize in a stimulating visual way.

You will need rules and again you will pin the rules with a eye-catching image.  Then you simply designate what is to be pinned or re-pinned.  You may want the users to find certain images on your site and pin them.  Then the first person (or first 3 people – or whatever you designate) win your prize.

This is a broad brush overview.  You will need to get more detailed and specific.  Just use your creativity, and you likely can come up with tens or hundreds of ways to do this.

Second, if you already use video, then Pinterest is for you as well.  Yes, you can share your videos on Pinterest.  Videos have the benefit of being well established SEO tools, so you will be adding to your SEO playbook by pinning your videos.

For now, Google definintely is rewarding YouTube and Vimeo videos that get backlinks.  A backlink from Pinterest is highly valued.

Third is to follow and comment.  As a navy officer, I never led by following.  On Pinterest, leading is done by following.  Follow others interest that relate to yours and also comment on their pins.  This will bring more exposure for your own pages.

Avoid self-promotion.  Both Pinterest and Pinterest users don’t accept self-promotion much.  You simply want to comment on them and this creates links back to your pinned pages.

There are many more ways to use Pinterest to promote your business and build following as a marketer who owns a business.  Don’t hesitate to get started, and get your business pinned.