Accelerate High Growth Business Training – Eben Pagan’s New Training

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

April 10, 2013

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Accelerate High Growth Business Training – a Winner!

What is Accelerate – High Growth Business Training?  It’s this years training by Eben Pagan designed for people and business owners who want to take their business to the multimillion dollar level.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Eben Pagan, but you should.  Pagan is one of my mentors, and I know his programs are superb.  Accelerate will be no different. Pagan calls it high growth business training because that is exactly who it is for.

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Eben Pagan became a business trainer a few years back.  His first product for high end training was the Altitude program.  The price of the Altitude program was $10,000.  He hasn’t done a program of this level since, despite the Altitude or Get Altitude program being a massive success.  In fact, I own that program, and many of the people who were fledgling participants are now pretty well known in their market place.

The Accelerate program will be a series of virtual trainings combined with Pagan’s best information products.  It will all culminate in Chicago in a live, 7-day summit in August.  If you’ve never done training with Eben Pagan, I suggest you seriously look at this.  Eben’s programs are superb, and this promises to be, as they say, over the top.  There will be new business superstars rising out from this.

Accelerate is for entrepreneurs who want to kick their business into high gear.  It is for the people who want to grow their company beyond the 1 million dollar per level.  This is for you if you know this is where you are going and you want to grow.

Accelerate is an all new program, so get ready.  I’ll be giving you some amazing bonuses that will truly accelerate your business.  I’ll be filling you in shortly.  The pre-launch begins on May 6th and the launch will officially open for sale on May 20th.  So keep your eyes open.

P.S.  If you have a list or association with people who are looking to build their business to the 1 million dollar level or higher, then you should consider becoming an affiliate for this launch.  I can guarantee you are offering them the best quality training available this year.  Simply click here to apply.  Commissions will likely exceed $2,500 per sale.

Update:  Eben Pagan just released the following regarding the upcoming launch of the Accelerate High Growth Business Training:

Accelerate is a combination of:

  • A live 5-day live ?Strategic Summit? training in Chicago in August – that will feature a ?who?s who? of top business growth experts
  • 10 weeks of webinar training with me before the live event – getting mindsets in place, and putting structures in place in their businesses
  • Several of our high-end information products – including our Altitude program and others that have not been offered together as bonuses – EVER
  • The best way to think about this program is that it?s similar to our Altitude training, only even more focused on tactics for high-growth.
  • This is going to be, by far, our highest-value offer yet. The bonus package alone will contain video of events that the original attendees invested over $50,000 to attend.

So that’s it straight from the horses mouth.  This above statement was released directly from Eben Pagan.  The Altitude training was amazing.  I keep the discs right by side and use them very frequently.  To say the least, even if Accelerate ONLY matched the quality of Altitude, it is worth ever dime.

The good news is, Pagan never simply matches any previous product.  He is one those that is never satisfied.  So I can almost guarantee the Accelerate training will far exceed the quality and results of Altitude.

UPDATE #1: The First Report/Exercise/Video Released – The Art of Entrepreneurial Productivity: How to Get the Results You Want in Life & Build a Business that Grows, Makes Profits, & Earns You Increasing Income

May 6: The first free report of the Accelerate: High Growth Business Training pre-launch has been released.  This is an excellent report and exercise to help you identify where you need to focus to become more productive.  It provides several methods for you to do this, an excellent exercise that is not only valuable to you and your well being, but can also win you great prizes just for turning it in.

Inside this report and video, Eben walks you through five powerful steps to do just that.

You’ll learn how to:

  • See the hidden obstacles that get in the way of business productivity and profit (many of these are actually emotional, so we don’t even notice them)
  • Identify the specific actions inside of your own business that result in growth and profit (this is my favorite section – starts on pg 7)
  • Create an environment that puts you into the “flow” state and almost forces you to do the things that result in making higher income
  • Inspire and motivate yourself emotionally, to focus all of your energy on doing those things that grow your business and the money you get from it

Download the Free Report Here

UPDATE #2: The Second Report/Exercise/Video Released – “The Profitable Marketing and Branding Manifest0”

The video above is the second video release in the pre-launch of Eben Pagan’s “Accelerate: High Growth Business Training.”

Inside this Video, report, and exercise series you will discover:

  • The two types of branding – and why most companies use the WRONG one when they spend money to market themselves
  • What branding actually is, and how it works on a psychological and emotional level
  • How to combine your direct marketing and branding together – to make both a lot more powerful
  • How to use these strategies to get a lot more customers, grow your business, and also grow your profit and income

The exercise helps you identify your specific hot buttons for your niche or marketplace, and how you can make your products sell, almost by just saying the word.

To get the complete exercise and the first lesson as well, click the button below….

Download & View Lesson 2

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