Here’s One Way to Get Facebook Marketing Done for You

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

March 6, 2014

Here is how to do something extraordinary: My primary company, the 7 Minute Workout, is now making a big step that literally no other company does for you.  They are going to include members of Facebook marketing with Fan pages.

Sound incredible?  It is because there is no one else doing this.

Instead of me re-writing what 7 Minute Workout president Chris Reid said, I’ll just share his email here…

4 years ago I used to dream about what
it must be like to have popular fanpages
and make popular posts on Facebook…..
after a lot of hard work and education, I
am living that dream…..and sharing it with Elites!

My goal in the Elite program is to simply
do everything that top marketers do for
themselves….but to do it for the Elites, and
it is SO simple!

Why? Well…..think about it. The end goal
of Facebook marketing is to drive traffic
to YOUR offer!

How does it help you that our fitness lies
exposed fanpage as well as our 7minuteworkoutHQ
fanpage has 10,000+ likes and generates
traffic for us? Simple…..I am making 1 very
small little change.

Ready for it?

ALL facebook traffic will now be pointed to
our Elite Rotator link! That link is the one
that is shared by all Elite members so that
the traffic we generate on facebook will now
be divided between the Elites instead of just
directing to the main company website.

Listen Wayne, I know how it feels to
see companies and people I am affiliated with
getting tons of traffic, tons of “likes” tons of
clicks and tons of responses on Facebook, but
let me shift your perspective for the next time
you see a post on our page…..Let me give you
the perspective that a shareholder feels when
a corporation announces a new product….or
when they pay out huge dividends, we have heard
of this happening but to us…who cares because
it is just another example of the rich getting
richer! Right? Not for you, not anymore!

Of course I still encourage you to learn about
Facebook marketing and get your fanpages
out there and drive traffic etc…..but as of
right now, 08:00 ET Wed March 5th, you
(assuming you are in the Elite program that
the top 50 earners in our company are in) have a
share of a high traffic professionally managed
fanpage…..kinda like the matrix when Neo
suddenly learns Kung-Fu and is instantly
an expert….that’s YOU but this is not the Matrix,
this is reality and YOUR fanpage is now
being expertly managed and will drive traffic
to your offer…..just…like….that!

Now if for any reason you are NOT in the
Elite program, you need to correct that right
away. With all of the traffic, lead generation,
list expansion and marketing techniques that
are automated for you, there is no better value
in the online marketing world today….because
not only are all of these things included with
your Elite membership, you also get to earn
residual commission on all Elite referrals!

So to summarize. We currently drive traffic
to the pages of Elite members. We follow up
with those leads for 350 days for you, we
provide you with 7 free accounts to allow
people a chance to offer free trials, we offer
a weekly training call for Elites only, Elites
earn commission on direct Elite referrals
AND get passups for downline Elites if a
non Elite in your structure makes an Elite sale
AND now we direct our free facebook traffic
to the Elite pages as well….it just does not
get any better than this!

Make sure you are included and not left
behind. Click Here to become an Elite member
right now and get YOUR share of the traffic
coming your way!

Best Regards,
Chris Reid
President & Co-Founder

PS: You NEED to upgrade right now by clicking here!
If you need to reactivate your membership first, just
click here and follow the steps…and when you are
asked to be an Elite member….accept the offer!!

Did you also see the other things done for you that no other company does?  If not, take a look at the paragraph that starts with “So to summarize…”

It accurately represents more of the business building done for you simply by being an Elite Syndicate member in 7 Minute Workout.

Get started today by clicking here.

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