Where do I start?  What do I do?  Have you ever found yourself asking these questions about getting your online business up and running and on track for making profits?

I’m guessing you have.  I know I did and sometimes still do.  If you are just starting, you’re lucky.  If you’ve been going at it a while, and still are lost; you are lucky, too.  Why? Because this is the starting point for your online business.  Whether you are in network marketing, affiliate marketing, MLM, or any other kind of business using the internet as your primary marketing platform.  This is where you begin.

This Daily Action Guide references 7 Minute Workout and Pure Leverage because I use these products hand-in-hand.  You can adapt this guide to your own business online.  It’s simple.

Daily Action Guide

  1. Blog Daily

  2. Market Your Business

  3. Build Your Customer List

  4. Put in a 100% Effort

  5. Network

  6. Advance Your Training (Personal Development)

In upcoming posts, each of these steps will be covered in more detail.  However, you don’t need more detail.  Starting thinking about how you are going to apply each step starting right now.  Don’t wait for me or anyone else to tell you how to take action.  Just do it!