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See Through Banner Blindness

Have you ever heard of banner blindness?  I’m sure you have if you have been marketing online for more than 10 minutes.  In fact, many people use the phenomenon to justify products they sell to you.  Despite the problem with banners, banners still work.  It’s a matter of dealing with the blindness correctly.

If you own a website, particularly an information site; then you need to monetize that website.  One of the best ways continues to be with banners for products having a good sales record.  Yet you must deal with the effects of banner blindness.

Major media sites like Facebook do not achieve high click through rates at all.  There are several problems making this the case, and one is banner blindness.  When you return to the site, you know where the banner ads will appear, and you learn to ignore them until you actually feel like looking at them.

Yet every once in a while, one suddenly catches your eye because of it’s image, and it seemed to come out of nowhere.  You see, Facebook uses a rotating banner ad system to periodically change what you see, and this is what and why an ad suddenly catches your eye – right through the banner blindness.

The good news is you can put a limit on the banner blindness effects on your website, and do it for free.  Would you like to know how?

Three Free Ways to Create Rotating Banner Ads

  1. The first method is one I like the best, but you may not because you have to do some set up on your server.  Nonetheless, it is free, and will very effectively rotate your banner displays.  It is called HTML Rotate, and comes from  The control panel if fully configurable and you can change ads as often as you like.  It also allows you to rotate banner or text ads randomly.  It is free for commercial or personal use.
  2. Next you could choose a fantastic resource called  It allows you to run 3 banner spots on your website for free, and rotate the ads.  They have a more dynamic paid service, but nonetheless 3 spots on one site is usually more than enough to be effective. This will work on any website.
  3. Finally, though this is a little more complicated than either of the first two, it is free, and it will rotate your banner ads.  It is a PHP script from  The web page has the actual script you need to configure rotating banner ads on your website.  You may need to know or understand a little about PHP scripts.  Essentially, you change the banner info in the script by following their instructions so you can put your banner info in its place.  The script will rotate multiple ads, and do it randomly.

There you have it.  Beat banner blindness on your website with any or all of these methods to create free rotating banner ads.  You’ll be surprised how the clicks increase when you start rotating your ads.