Have you ever wondered if YOU could make a real Facebook App Tab?

Many think how to make a Facebook App Tab is some kind of super mystery.  That it is too technical for them, or some similar excuse… yes I said excuse.

I used to make excuses why I did not make a real Facebook App Tab because I convinced myself it was too hard without actually looking up what it takes to do this.  Surprise!  It is very simple.  Anyone, even you … can do this.  I could teach a 5 year old how to do this.

OK, so you think I am putting you down.  Well I am, if you say you can’t.  So watch this short video on how to make Facebook Tab Apps, and see just how ridiculous it is for you to say you can’t.

So let’s make this easy.  Add your Facebook Tab App to your page using this “Add Facebook App to a Page” tool right below.

You must be logged into the Facebook account associated with your Facebook page where you want to install your Facebook Tab App.

Then grab your App Id Number from your developers app page, and paste it in the box.  Then click the orange button.

If you have any problems with this tool, please let me know in the comments.