Affiliate and MLM Lead Generation Programs That Work

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

June 1, 2013

Have you ever wondered if any of the affiliate or MLM lead generation tools or lead generation programs offered on the market really work?

There certainly exists tons of offers.  Most don’t give you any idea what they do, or how you actually get the leads.  One thing every lead generation system promises is they get you the best leads without even knowing what you have to offer.

Does that sound strange?  Seriously, how can anyone offer you the best leads without knowing what you offer?

Affiliate and MLM lead generation programs and tools, and how well they work depend on you getting them in front of the right people.  You need people highly targeted for business opportunities if you want MLM leads or people to sell your products as affiliates.

It’s the one aspect the newbie generally isn’t aware of.  When you seek people to become part of your network marketing team, you are seeking people looking to make money.  What you sell is secondary when it comes to finding leads with high potential of joining your downline or affiliate team.

Therefore, when you search for a lead generation program or tool for your network marketing or affiliate marketing team building, the most important factor is how well it can attract the classic “opportunity seeker.”

I want to share with you two tools I use for generating leads that have proven very effective in a very short time. The first is a tool used created by Russell Brunson, and used by marketers like Mike Filsaime, Daegan Smith, Stone Evans, and Mike Dillard.  It is called The Viral Secret.

I purchased rights to it, so I could share it with my team and you.  The video below explains how it works.

By creating a free account, you get the ability to give away lead generating websites to your team, and virally spread your newsletter to many more people than you could ever reach on your own.  You literally multiply you leads by leveraging your leads.  The results are exponential with consistent promoting.

Second, this is a tremendously effective lead generating front end funnel.  It is not a complete sales funnel.  Don’t make that mistake.  It is a front end funnel and lead generation program for getting biz op leads.  It’s focus is GVO, Pure Leverage, and Empower Network.  However, you can adapt for any business funnel you desire once the leads are on your list.

This is the EZ Money Formula, and it is completely free.  There is no up sell, or anything of the sort.  It includes coaching, complete email series, and an excellent traffic co-op.  So you definitely want to check this out.

Ok, that’s all for now.  You can use lead generation programs, and I recommend you do so in order to expand your reach for getting leads.

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