Ask Yourself, Does Your Company Do All This For You?

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

March 4, 2014

How long has it been since you joined with a company or opportunity and they actually did what you expected them to do, with no hype?

It’s not every day you can find multilevel company or leveraged affiliate marketing company that can do much more for you than just give you a replicated page and hope your sponsor actually knows what to do.  So I am extremely pleased to provide you an update with no hype, and yet it will really shock you at what you are missing…

As a reader here you likely realize I use and promote 7 Minute Workout as one of my principle businesses.  It is not my only opportunity, but it is one that I truly believe in it’s high value to people in general, and also to you, a person wanting to create an income from home.  Here’s why…

Totally Unbelievable…

In recent months, I can say that the one and only business I can find that actually does all of what I am going to tell you is the GVO company 7 Minute Workout.  What they do is unheard of in other network marketing, multilevel marketing or 100% commission leveraged affiliate marketing programs.  Here’s what I mean by this…

Have you ever been in a program where the company actually buys leads for you and tells you where they get them, and constantly works to improve the sources of the leads, and doesn’t charge you a premium to have access to them?

7 Minute Workout does all of that for it’s Elite Syndicate members.

Imagine being in a company where the company President actually leads a webinar every single week, without fail to listen directly to you, and share exactly what the top producers are doing so you can actually copy them.

7 Minute Workout does this.  Chris Reid, the company president, leads a call, without fail, every single week.

Have you ever tried running an ad campaign as a total new online business person?  And what were the results?  Without a doubt I have never found another company that does this specifically for you and delivers.

7 Minute Workout does this for you.  Really.  And results? Read this…

Ad Campaign Results for Elite Members

In the months since the program of doing ad campaigns for resellers began, the company has delivered over 8,000 leads.  In fact, in the past 30 days, these same leads created 200 sales for Elite Syndicate members of 7 Minute Workout.  For a small investment of $97, $48.50 comes back to you in commissions, and $48.50 goes to your personal ad campaign.

This month the company campaign created 17 leads for me and 2 sales.  This is marketing done for me.  You can’t lose with this.

How do they convert?

I think you’ll agree that having the company run your ads is a great way to start your business, but they also follow up for you in a 350 day campaign on your behalf.  This serves as your personal follow up as you develop your own marketing.  The cool thing is, 7 Minute Workout doesn’t really stop at 350 days because when they upgrade the follow sequence, they actually start over again with your leads.

Ask yourself if you can afford to stay where you are, and if you are ready to actually see your business grow? Seriously, I really can’t find another company I would be proud to promote that does this.  In fact, none of the other products I use or promote do any of this.

Here are the key advantages I’ve personally witnessed, and been a part of as a 7 Minute Workout Elite Syndicate member…

  • A uber high demand market of fitness & diet
  • 80% of the world recognizes the need to do this
  • Pays 100% commissions and builds a passive income
  • Starts your  business for you
  • Creates your ad campaigns for you
  • Modifies and improves your ad campaigns for you
  • Builds a list for you
  • Follows up with your list for you

What’s the Bottom Line – Does Your Company Do All of What You Just Saw?

The bottom line is GVO and the 7 Minute Workout deliver everything you need to start your business running and producing fast.  Without a doubt, you will have the best business ever delivered to you and it starts growing on autopilot, and you will have the support of the best company I have ever associated with.  They deliver, I get and stay fit, and I make money.

All it takes for you to join the team and have everything above is to go here and get started now

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