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by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

December 25, 2013

Team members have at their fingertips the most in-depth training, from novice to expert, available anywhere.

Savvy multilevel marketers, affiliate marketers, and leveraged affiliate marketers know that their business is the best there is when it comes to achieving freedom, security, and peace of mind.  Getting new leads and engaging new prospects is as exciting as it is fulfilling.

Having a leveraged affiliate marketing business like 7 Minute Workout is an amazing experience.  But do you know what make’s it even better?  Getting leads on autopilot and getting more leads for free!

Is This Really Possible?

Is this really possible?  Getting more leads for free is really possible with the leveraged affiliate marketing team called the Easy Lead Network team, the world’s fastest growing money making team of resellers of the 7 Minute Workout, Pure Leverage, Power Lead System Funnel, or the Empower Network.

The first team of it’s kind in the 100% commissions market, Easy Lead Network team offers smart multilevel marketers and leveraged affiliate marketers a very easy way to build a down line fast, and generate free leads and prospects simply by being active.  As a team member, you have a complete lead management system, lead generating system, interactive community, marketing funnels, in-depth training, and a 5-step down line system that delivers your first payed members in 24 hours or less.

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Making a Difference in Leveraged Affiliate Marketing

You can browse and compare other free lead generating systems and find nothing that delivers leads which you totally control.  Others systems share the leads with the site owners.  The Easy Lead Network is unique in that it delivers free leads, and it does not share your leads with the site owner.

The Problems with Many Others

Other sites provide you no means to manage and interact with your leads and team members.  In fact, Easy Lead Network members have full ability to interact from their personal lead dashboard.

Many MLM lead generation sites offer some level of generic leads and basic training so those already skilled in building multilevel marketing businesses often can do well with these because of their individual advantage.  However, the numbers are few that truly succeed.  Also, those offering multiple income streams have no way for a member to promote only one business without losing leads and sales to the owners.  A big disadvantage for the newbie, as your lead can ultimately end up in another business, and some elses down line.

The Big Difference for Multilevel Marketers and Leveraged Affiliate Marketers

This is where the Easy Lead Network team is far superior.  Easy Lead Network team members start with the unique 5-Step Down line system, and then graduate to more advanced training.  Team members have at their fingertips the most in-depth training, from novice to expert, available anywhere.

When you join the team as a reseller in any one of the four businesses, you won’t feel like you are losing if you can’t promote all 4.  The funnels make it so your prospect only sees your main business ensuring they join your specific business down line or they don’t get in.  Your up line cannot steal your lead for your lack of resources in other opportunities.

The products the teams sell are the highest quality products, with the highest demands in their respective markets, and not just some fly-by night wonders that will die without notice.  The bottom line is the products are easy to sell and you learn how to sell without selling.

To discover the latest news and see more of the 5-Step Down line system that is the heart of your success when you begin, you can visit the 5-Step Downline training.  Watch the training, then sign up and you will be part of a privileged team that gets leads for free, and grows down lines fast.  Before you know it, you will be a leader in your organization with lots of money left over for you!

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