How long has it been since you actually found a so-called “Guru Product” that actually was a complete training and business system that you could base your entire business on and it produced the results you expected?
Don’t you wish such a thing actually existed?

Here’s an idea worth considering…

Are you willing to set aside your beliefs or hopes that some simple $47 or $67 product you found on Clickbank, or Clicksure, or JvZoo is going to instantly create you a business without you ever planning your business, or creating any business process/structure for this product to function?

If so, then you are ready to succeed. You must understand and accept that none of the world’s top MLM or network marketing earners become such by buying any of these magic software products or miracle systems. This is a fact!

Now before you get all upset, understand this does not mean these products and tools don’t have a place. In fact, they do! But it isn’t to simply start from nothing and magically everything happens.

So how do I know none of the world’s top MLM money makers ever did this?

Simple… I spent months spying on them and even meeting with them. Rarely in the same place because I didn’t want them “head nodding” in agreement with each other. You know what I mean, simply agreeing because the other said something that sounded good.

What They Said Will Shock You…

What I found out was none of them do anything the “Guru” product sellers tell you. Though they did not all do exactly the same steps, or exactly the same procedure, what they did do was pretty damn close to exactly the same process.

First, it is important to know these top money earners are not people who started before the internet marketing age existed. No, not at all. So eliminate that idea for your rationalizations.

Second, understand that these top network marketing money earners did not rely on doing only what their company told them to do. They did, in fact, apply just a little ingenuity of their own to make things work.

Third, they did not start off as some rich, gifted individuals already holding golden spoons… if you know what I mean. They had to work to get where they are, and many started with nearly nothing! So don’t even try to use the old “they had a big advantage” objection. It’s simply not true.

What the Top MLM Money Makers Did Not Do…

You may already know this in your subconscious, but consciously you may not have accepted this. Emotions like desperation, or fear, or frustration may stand in your way.

So it is time, just for a few minutes, you set those emotional blocks aside. Here is what the top money earners in network marketing NEVER did to get started…

  • They never bought software to automatically build websites
  • They never bought some Facebook audience making software expecting it to instantly make their Facebook ads successful
  • None bought monthly subscriptions to fancy lead capture systems and expected that would magically change their results
  • There weren’t any that took copywriting courses thinking if they were just a good copywriter, they would get rich
  • They never started spamming opportunity links on Twitter thinking people would just join because you wrote 140 characters about something you never succeeded with
  • They never bought a keyword analysis program believing they would jump to the top spots in search engine results and make money for free
  • No one started making video after video and posting them on Youtube thinking that would make them instant experts
  • They never did only article marketing expecting to get so many clicks they would get rich
  • They never wasted their time surfing traffic exchanges expecting to find endless prospects
  • All never joined one down line builder after another expecting endless people would sign up under them
  • None got started by relying on pay per click marketing in Google or anywhere else

Are you getting the picture here…

What the Top MLM Money Makers Revealed…

What I’m leading up to is this:

The top MLM money makers in the world used much simpler and much more proven ways to succeed and did so in the past 5 years.

Their secret was first to be patient. They established a belief system that reflected reality and not marketing hype. The fact is, mind set was essential to get going on a real success path.

Second, they established a process by planning out their business. As you already know, they did not do this by purchasing random “Guru” products. They did educate themselves. They educated themselves in real business processes, and started at the beginning and accepted they were going to have to work to get to the destiny they were seeking.

So now the problem is getting what they know. If you have searched for training from top guys like this, you know you can’t even get a small piece of what they know for under $300. In fact, it cost me over $10,000 to follow them around, get their training and be in the same room with them…

The Good News Solution…

This really makes some people very angry I would do this, but there is no way I can present the hours of knowledge I gained from the world’s top network marketing money earners to you here. But that isn’t what makes the “Gurus” mad. It’s that I did put the hours of knowledge – all of it – into a training program you could afford – FREE.advanced 5-step down line system image

The program is on a combination of DVD and digital access, and is called the “Advanced 5-Step Down Line System.” It’s free, and ships anywhere in the world! You pay the small shipping fee, because honestly I am not Zappos and I do have to cover the high demand for priceless training – and shipping things simply isn’t free.

The “Advanced 5-Step Down Line System” DVD includes over 300 minutes of insider secrets of 2 top money earners, and 5 case-studies for real people like me and you who are doing exactly what you want to do. Plus, the DVD contains 2 secret bonus interviews and $500 in additional bonus training.

What Else do You Get?

You also instantly get digital access to over 7 hours of video coaching of live training sessions detailing for you exactly what and how the top MLM money earners created their processes and what they really had to learn to be successful.

It’s all included, and this type of training can’t be found for less than $300, and more realistically, is not available for under $1,000… until now!

With this information, you will know exactly how the world’s top MLM money earners started from scratch, and what and how you need to proceed to do the same.

It’s all broken down into interviews, a 5-Step Quickstart, and full, advanced training with everything you need to put your processes into place. The action takers literally take the 5-Step quick start and have people in their organizations and profitable in 24 hours.

This may not be typical because many people simply don’t do what they are shown, and others simply don’t take action. For those who take action and do what they are shown, the results are typical, and how much you ultimately make is totally up to you.

As the cliché goes, the sky is the limit!

So to get full details and get yourself on the success track, ending the failures and frustration of chasing one “guru” product after another, simply click below right now…