In this webinar replay, you will see how the latest, hottest, best, and easiest affiliate model delivers results combining the best of classic affiliate marketing and the best of multi-level marketing.   You will see how the two affiliate methods have merged to become a 100% commission model that operates like a classic affiliate marketing model delivering direct commissions from your immediate sales…

Yet they have a twist to them…

These new, maximum commission products and services also “pass up” 50% matching payments from the downline created by your affiliates, and their affiliates.  These are not direct commissions.  These are matching payments passed up to you through the earnings of your affiliates, and their affiliates.  It is not multi-level marketing, yet it uses some of the best ideas from this and classic online affiliate marketing. Watch the webinar replay for the complete insights, and how lead generating programs expertly create leads and sales for online marketers. You will be shocked by the truths revealed, and many marketers will hate me for being so honest.

Discovery Timeline:

0:00   Overview
7:29   The Maximum Commissions Model
13:07  What These Programs Are NOT
16:00  What You Need To Succeed
29:29  Is It Guaranteed?
31:21  Eliminate What’s Stopping You
38:02  The Fast Traffic Plan
49:17  How Lead Capture Programs Work
53:13  How Easy Lead Network Does It All
73:51  The Key to Making It All Work