The Big 5 Secrets to Success in MLM

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

May 20, 2013

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How to Succeed in MLM

Have you ever wondered how you can have success in MLM?

Maybe you started once, and you got a lot of pressure from your upline sponsor to make sales.  Has that ever happened to you?

Or maybe you could never get any help from your sponsor.

Or maybe it was just all too confusing and seemed too overwhelming, so you decided to put it off for a while.

Whatever the reason, it is likely that when you start or started your first try at multi-level marketing (also called network marketing), it wasn’t quite what you expected.

This article is not about whether or not MLM is scams or not, or how to know.  That will be a different article.  Here, you will see some simple ways to make your marketing not quite so overwhelming at first.

Let’s get started…

How to Succeed in Network Marketing – 5 Must Do Steps

1.  If your expectations are to go from being brand new in the market to making thousands of dollars a month in just weeks or a couple of months, you probably should lower your expectations.

A network marketing business is just that: a business.  Until you are ready to act like you are in business and not just seeing if you can make a little money, you probably won’t make a dime.  Your mindset toward what you are about to take on, is vital.

In fact, I won’t work with anyone who does not see this as their business.  You are not worth my time if you can’t treat your network marketing efforts as a business.  The reason is, you won’t do the work necessary to succeed, and you will think eveything you do has to make you thousands.  Since that isn’t going to happen the first days or weeks you begin, your mindset sucks, so I won’t work with you.

You see, for me, I am doing this to help serious business people succeed – as many as I possibly can – and to provide people with valuable services or products that I am proud to provide to them.  By doing this…

  • I make money
  • You make money
  • You get something you want
  • You profit from your passion by helping others do the same
  • You start on the road to living your dreams
  • I live my dreams
  • We do it as a team

2.  You must use the product.  In order for you to make sales, you must know, understand, and love your product.  Otherwise, you are just faking it, and everyone will know.  You may make some sales, but you won’t ever realize the real potential until you are committed to the real value of your product or service.

Multi-level marketing, and being successful at it is not about faking people out. The posers come and go.  The winners win, because they truly love what they are doing, and they love their products.  This is why REAL MLM companies make you use their products.

A real network marketing company knows from experience you cannot make sales unless you know, love and understand the product you are selling.  This is true online and off.

3.  You cannot do it alone.  I have people sign up under me, and then refuse to communicate with me.  I admit, I am not typical.  Most people, particularly with online marketing, never hear from their sponsor.  In my case, I know it is not true.

In fact, I send my dowline video emails, and updates, and request they contact me.  Some do.  They are the ones that make progress.  Way too many refuse to communicate.

Those not communicating, almost always fail.  They try to be the lone ranger.  Then they are gone.  I used to feel sorry for them.  But not anymore because I realize I tried repeatedly to talk personally with each of them, and they refused to respond.  It is totally your fault when you will not communicate.

So get real.  You can’t do this alone.  If you are lucky, and your upline sponsor is trying to communicate with you, then you will be doing yourself a big favor, and start profiting a lot sooner, if you talk and work with your sponsor.

4.  Be realistic.  Here is a secret most sponsors won’t tell you.  In order to profit, you do not need thousands of leads, and endless people joining your organization.  In fact, in my companies, you can get to 28K per month income by simply getting one new person in your downline each month, and teaching the people below you to do the same.

I can prove this, but that is not the point.  If you join my downline, I will show you and teach you how so you realize your dreams, and live the security you deserve much sooner.

But the bottom line is, if you build your downline steadily and at a more realistic pace, you will eliminate the pressure on yourself, and on your downline while experiencing much more success overall.  If you persist at shooting for the moon with every thing you do, you will feel over burdened, tired, exhausted, and totally frustrated.  This is not necessary to win.

5.  You must work at building your business everyday.  If you are not willing to do this, then you should quit.  It’s that simple.  If you always have an excuse to not work on your business, then you really aren’t in business.

It doesn’t take the entire day to do something for your business.  Your activity at first should be related to learning how to get leads, establishing your daily schedule, actually getting leads, and tracking what works so you can duplicate it when it does.

As you grow, it will get more complex, for sure.  But don’t make more difficult then it needs to be at first.

OK, so there are 5 keys to success with multi-level marketing.  And by the way, don’t expect your family and friends to be the ones to make you rich.  Sure, they might want your product, but it’s most likely they won’t want to be a marketer.  That’s reality.

If you are ready to deal with reality, and ready to actually be in business, I encourage you to contact me.  I guarantee you will be proud of your products, and services; I will train you, and you will get 100% commissions.  If you work, you can have success in MLM.  Yes, you read that right…

Contact me here…

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