World’s Leading MLM Earners Quit?

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

January 17, 2015

Ever wonder why some of the top MLM earners in the world would quit MLM?

Maybe they are like you and the hate the following:

  • Home parties
  • Prospecting to strangers
  • Constant rejection
  • Pitching family members and friends
  • New team members dropping out faster than replacements can be recruited
  • Commission checks shrinking instead of growing…

These could all be good reasons, and you’re not alone for thinking like that.

I personally struggled for 3 years with 3 different MLM companies when I first started trying to build a downline.

I did what these classic and traditional companies told me to do.

I didn’t live where I could do meetings, so I tried engaging as many people as I could. Occasionally, someone would sign up as a recruiter/sales rep. That was great.

The problem always ended up the same way. They wouldn’t do anything themselves to sell the product or build a team. Within three months, they were gone. 12 recruited, 9 quite, the other 3 would do nothing to make sales or build a team.

However, this is not about bashing MLM as a business, or as a model. Not even close.

There are many business models online and off, that don’t use a multi-level structure. Network marketing isn’t necessarily the best way just because of its financial potential. The real determining factor isn’t hearsay by your friends and naysaying peers and coworkers.

The real key is to ignore all of them because they are not entrepreneurs, and determine what the best business model is for you. What do you feel most comfortable doing considering your personal strengths, goals, and unique talents?

What are the Real Differences?

In the world of commission sales there are really two distinct models:

  1. Network marketing or Multilevel Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing

Both models can easily use internet marketing for sales. In fact, both models SHOULD be using the SAME SALES PROCESS. Yes, it is true, the top money earners in network marketing have finally started to realize the power of internet marketing.

In fact, I had the chance a little less than a year ago to be at a conference with literally hundreds of the world’s top money earners in multilevel marketing. They revealed to me, in this pretty restricted gathering, things they would never share in their personal marketing except if you paid them a lot of money, or if you were in their inner circles. Here’s what they revealed…

What it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing and network marketing by using internet marketing is not any of the programs, software, loopholes or magic being sold to you by “so-called” marketing gurus. In fact, of the 10 I talked to directly, NONE of them ever used any of that stuff.

What they used, I share with you here.

Difference between Affiliate Marketing and Multilevel Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a pretty simple concept. Someone has a product, and pays you commissions to make sales. You are responsible for marketing on your own. You can market your commission based products in any ethical and legal way you choose. Most like to start by using internet marketing and your income depends on your own efforts.

Your payment comes from the direct sales you make. Commissions vary from as low as 5% to as high as even 100%.

Multilevel marketing (also called network marketing) is also a form of affiliate marketing. Just a little more complex, and capable of creating even greater income. There are two parts to network marketing; building a sales team or downline, and selling the product. So your income depends on your own effort, and your teams effort.

In either case, you need a model that you can easily duplicate. In the case of network marketing, you also need a process your downline can duplicate for both training recruits, and for simply selling the product. One of the BIGGEST ERRORS new multilevel marketers make is joining companies that don’t have a product that is wanted by a large market.

They effectively only make money by you recruiting new downline members, despite showing multiple ways to earn that include product sales.

The Skills Are Not So Very Different

One thing to remember in network marketing is the concept is not to build a large organization of distributors. In fact, anyone thinking that is the concept is doomed to fail.

Network marketers earning the biggest pay checks have a relatively small top line of producers who know how to find other producers. They also know how to make product sales, and get their front line to make product sales. If both of these things are not happening, you are likely to fail.

Affiliate marketing does not involve much leadership. It is solely a sales based model.

What’s Right for You?

No one can tell you in an article what is right for you. You have to decide. Network marketing will ultimately involve actual networking, where affiliate marketing can be successful without the networking. Network marketing can produce far more income, and generate a passive income if it includes long term customer only sales.

Many top earners in MLM have left because they both keep their passive streams, and they want to venture into other business types. Basically, their passive streams keep feeding their new business ventures.

What Choice is Good For MLM Today?

Well, I cannot pick what is best for you. I can tell you from personal experience who has a product without gimmick, in worldwide markets, and there is very little effort needed to sell. Basically, these type products nearly sell themselves simply by you letting others know they exit. Here’s three you should look at…

Got Backup by GVO

Organo Gold

7 Minute Workout

Each of the above has a massive market, and the product offering is not about some crazy twist or gimmick. Quite literally, 80% of everyone you know already is looking for a solution involving each of the above which is why they are great companies to start your business in.

Both 7 Minute Workout and Got Backup are more like a hybrid model I call leveraged affiliate marketing because they use the best of both models to deliver 100% commissions and payout on volume of sales. Organo Gold is a more traditional multilevel marketing model.

I provide my team the training, the duplicable model, and the resources to sell any of the above using internet marketing to get started and to enable you to find recruits that without the cold calling, and rejection.

There’s no doubt by now you either agree or disagree with what I’ve said. If you agree, then you are understanding why it makes sense.

I teach you making sales using real, proven marketing. The skills I teach my marketing coaching and consulting clients.

No cold calling

No prospecting unknowns in malls, or stores or busy downtown streets

No requirement to constantly beg your friend or family

You learn a 5-step sales process that the top 10 money earners use, and the top internet companies in the world use.

You discover how to bring only interested and fully qualified people so you don’t end up in a recruiting nightmare.

Then you discover how you can turn this into multiple streams of income very easily.

There’s no rejection, because you learn how get only people that want what you have and you lower their barriers BEFORE you ever talk to them.

Think about it for a moment. Why in the heck would you waste time chasing an audience where 98% of the people will reject you?

Why would you spend time recruiting dozens of people when you already know most will quit without every putting out any effort? It would be like shooting yourself in the foot repeatedly.

So it’s all up to you. You do what you’ve been doing with no success, or you learn what the real super earners do, and start doing it yourself so you can actually have multiple streams of income.

It’s your choice…

If you would like to know more, I have training resources for you so you start on the best foot possible…

  1. Start with the Advanced 5-Step Downline System if you want affiliate marketing or MLM
  2. If you want more in-depth 1 on 1 guidance, then my Protégé Coaching Program is for you
  3. If you want a complete, totally personal guidance and coaching, then my Premium Success Coaching is for you

Let me hear from you as well. What are your biggest challenges and struggles? Tell me in the comments below.

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