3 Ways You Get Robbed Every Time You Buy an Online Marketing Solution

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

October 7, 2015

It’s hard enough to start a business on a low budget without having to worry about getting fooled into wasting your money on promises of success that can’t possibly pan out.

Let’s face it, if you’re a new or relatively inexperienced entrepreneur, you have bought a program or a software or a system where someone flashed you so-called proof they made thousands or millions using it.  Then the sales letter tells you how this is the ultimate online marketing solution.

You thought this must good and bought it…

Don’t be afraid to admit it, I did the same many more times than I care to admit when I first started building a business using online marketing.

In fact, I lost over $10,000 on a promise from a coaching program to build and market a product for me. The business making the promise used the promise in their calls to talk you into joining, then once you were in, everything steadily changed. Ultimately, this company doing this practice was put out of business. Imagine that!

What is Done to You to Make You Buy Online Marketing Solutions

The key elements used to “make you buy” really starts with the elements of proof and a particular promise which every human is susceptible to succumbing.

1. The promise is…

…To solve whatever ever problem, fast and easy.

For an online entrepreneur, who doesn’t want to start making money fast & easy, and be independent and working from home fast?

If you are searching for weight loss, it works the same. Is there anyone that doesn’t want to lose weight fast and easy?

You can substitute almost any problem, in any niche that needs solved and offering a fast and easy solution will get people reading more. It helps set the mindset that this is the place to take action.

2. Showing the social proof…

The ultimate best way to make your sale is to have lots of social proof. Most of these product owners get the social proof they want very easily.

You’ve likely experienced the draw to provide a testimonial. Why? Because exposure of you will help your business. If you get exposure on a product you perceive as being awesome and making lots of sales, then more people know about you.

Often the testimonials talk of huge success and such, and they may or may not be true for the reason stated above. This is why I never allow money to be talked about in testimonials I post.

Additionally, many of the product sellers simply get friends or people they met at conferences to make testimonials with promises of reciprocating by offering their testimonial provider a testimonial or promise to help sell their next product (regardless of the quality).

Since I can’t prove a user of a product actually made the money they claimed, and I personally feel responsible for what my testimonials say, I don’t allow income to be part of the testimonial.

I guess that is the Navy commanding officer in me. A commanding officer in the U.S. Navy is held personally responsible for any and all actions of those under their command.

Another aspect for you to consider when reading testimonials is, are these people using this product, service or coaching at the same stage of their business or not? You really don’t know and that is key to why some get results and most don’t.

Haven’t you ever wondered why, on a product that claims to be the ultimate solution, only 8 or 10 success stories are available? Think about it.

If there are ten glowing testimonials, and supposedly 5,000 people purchased, why are there not many more glowing thank you notes. The fact is, no coach has overwhelming success with 80 or 90% of their buyers of online training programs.

It just doesn’t happen. Even personal coaching, unless you are extremely selective, does not achieve this kind of success.

As a coach, every person I take as a client is highly motivated to start. But through my 35 years (plus) of coaching, leading and instructing, I can state that even some of the people you couldn’t believe would quit, do quit for any number of reasons or excuses.

Getting 15% of you coaching students to be true successes at what you coach or teach is a major achievement because if the intangibles of the client that the coach has no control over.

3. Digging at your negative emotions…

It’s a fact that negative emotions invoke way more buying actions than positive emotions. Good copywriters know this, and will use them as much as possible, and you should, too.

Unfortunately, this type of emotional grab gets you to buy things you likely shouldn’t have purchased. The product may be good, but it is also just as likely not to be the correct choice for you at the moment.

Another aspect of the emotional grab is to use a phrase stating the reason you have the problem is not your fault. It is one of the greatest, feel good statements you can use to sell.

Unfortunately, a leader, coach, and someone who has run a 5,000-person organization, I know for a fact the 85% of the time it is your fault. Nonetheless, we all love to hear people tell us our failure is not our fault. You make your decisions, and no else does, thus putting the majority of the responsibility on you.

If a product or online marketing solution is not truly right for you at your stage of business development, then it will only seem to be a fraud or scam to you because your emotions about your results will be powerfully negative, regardless if it is your fault or not.

There remain many other elements of copywriting which add to your decision to buy, but the 3 above prove to be the most powerful at getting you to buy when you shouldn’t.

This results in you feeling robbed and/or scammed. You may have been or you simply made a bad decision for yourself. Either is a possibility.

How to Stop Being Suckered by the Big 3 Above

The key to not being pulled into a stomach wrenching situation where you feel you have to just keep trying one solution after another is following the proven success path.

This means, that starting a business solely because you have to make extra money in the next 30-days is only a proven path to failure.

#1 First, your expectations must be real.

Expecting to be making enough money in 30 days to be free of your job or solve your financial crisis is a doomsday expectation. There could be rare situations this happens, but those cases involve the person having upfront money to spend on building the business, and marketing.

The shoestring startup will almost certainly not be one of those cases.

If you are new, or you are struggling and failing at your first entrepreneurial exposer, it is time you lock down your wallet and set real expectations that include the following…

#2 Make a real strategy for your business

Without a strategy, I can virtually guarantee any business system or software you buy on JVZoo, Clickbank, or anywhere else will either yield poor results or fail.

Your strategy must include:

  1. Having a plan with measurable goals,
  2. Using an online business model,
  3. Incorporating the proper tools,
  4. and getting a coach to guide you.

By having all 4 of the above in your strategy, I can virtually guarantee you will not buy another “fast and easy” business tactic you can’t or won’t use because you will know what really fits in your business.

The time and money you save by spending the time to learn how to develop your strategy will save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in the future. Luckily, when you use a proven strategy, you don’t realize the money you saved, because you never spend that cash.

Instead, you spend your money on resources and marketing that yields profitable returns, and that is what we all want in our business – Am I right?

If you would like to learn for free, the only business model that works for ANY kind of online sales, go here and get in the webinar. It doesn’t cost a penny.

Next, if you want to learn the strategy that is the core of all online marketing in any niche market of any kind, and not have to spend $1,997, go here for the business strategy.

Finally, if you want to find coaching that works, here is your coaching resource.

Remember: All copy writing techniques can be used deceptively.  So this means it is up to you to use them effectively, and non-deceptively so you run a moral and ethical business.  You will stay successful much longer through honesty and quality, than selling for the one-time big buck launch.

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