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Do Your Emails Open?

It’s a real art.  You know what I mean.  Writing emails so powerful and compelling your leads, customers and prospects melt when they read them.  However, even if you can do such amazing writing; can you get your emails opened?

You’ve experienced this as an email marketer, I’m sure.  You wrote a great email.  Conveyed a great story.  Set the best hook ever, but go just crappy 3% open rate.  Oh that sucks!

Your email was buried, so you ultimately marketed to only a handful or your eager, buying followers.

Ryan Deiss, one of the internet’s top marketers, expert among email marketers, and master of testing and development of marketing systems that work, calls it email science.  Email science is his system of crafting and delivering emails which get opened, read, and get the click through to your offer.

Is this something you want to have happen in your email marketing?

 Deiss says the real secret is to do what already works.  Painting by numbers is much easier than learning from scratch.

Here’s 3 of the most important tips for your email marketing success:

1.  Use tested subject lines instead of always creating new ones.  This is vital!  Your email text is useless if the email doesn’t get opened.  The subject line is there to get it opened.  Deiss says unusual odd numbers nearly always work best.  Nice, neat numbers just don’t grab people.

Other little tricks that add to the click power; use question marks.  Why? Because it works; percentages in the subject have click power (odd numbers of course), the word Video in brackets somehow [New Video Post]; those magic words (Free Report) brings the mouse clicking; and fill in the blank subject lines to name a few.

Start using these tricks immediately.

2.  Send your emails at the right time.  There really are better times to send emails that get more clicks.  5:30 am Eastern Standard Time (New York Time) almost always is best.  Deiss thinks it’s because it’s essentially when more people are awake in the world than at any other time.  He can’t prove that part, but he can prove the time works best.  Send a 2 or 3 p.m. EST, and watch them get deleted.

There is also a best day, when it comes to timing (or should I say days?).  The best tested and proven days are Tuesday through Thursday.  This doesn’t mean not to send on other days.  Secret Tip:  High-end stuff, long videos, and long-form letters aren’t so hot on the weekends.

3.  Keep the emails short.  This doesn’t mean a long one won’t work, but your chances of getting a click to your offer page is much better with short emails.  What is short?  Four to 5 short paragraphs get the highest click through rates.  Super short is not so hot, partially because spam blockers do just that – block.  Deiss says include a P.S. particularly using warnings or a reminder of a point you made in the email body.

Just a little diligence to your email marketing can improve the click through rates dramatically.  The more your readers open, the more you make from your efforts.  It’s a science worth knowing, but not inventing.