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Have you ever wondered how some people get tons of buyers, and then some (even though they have the best products) don’t?

This seems like magic, especially when you’re extremely frustrated yourself.  I know I’ve watched tons of sales videos, then bought the product just to see if it was even a small image of the picture painted in the sales page or sales video.  So many times I was left in shock.  I couldn’t believe how bad the product was.

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Have you ever done this?  Did you ever buy a product and find it was barely a sliver of what was promised?

Want to know why people are taken into products like this?

It’s persuasion.  In the examples above, it is unethical persuasion.  Simply stated, it is using techniques of persuasion, commonly referred to a NLP or neuro-linguistic programming to capture your attention, then mixing emotion with unreal benefits just to get money from you.

Sure, a product will be delivered.  Many up sells will be presented along the way to reaching the download page.  Then you find a product that was nothing like what you likely got very excited to find.  This is a very bad practice which makes ethical product providers like you all look bad, and have to work much harder to gain the trust of potential customers and clients.

Fortunately, most entrepreneurs actually are working hard to provide real value to real people.  These real value providers also use the techniques of NLP to create a persuasive message with emotional grab, and to give you a real feeling you have just found the real thing.  NLP techniques, like everything good, were developed for positive purposes.

The reality is, along with the good, will come the handful of people who will make the “good Samaritans” look bad before they even have a chance.  You’ve heard the expression, “a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch” — am I right?

That’s why it’s important for you to use the techniques ethically to create persuasive copy for your business.  You can deliver highly valuable products… ones that actually provide real solutions, so you owe your viewers, potential customers, and future clients the best persuasion possible to ensure they get the most value possible.

Start using NLP in your message — ethically — to start producing real results.

Are you seeing how this can help your business?  Good!

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