Do You Really Need SMS Marketing Systems?

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

October 31, 2013

Imagine getting a lead for your business product or service and being able to connect with them almost anytime during their waking hours.  Would this be a capability you would want in your business online or off?

There are lots of technical things in the modern business systems, but one non-technical aspect remains essential to stirring your leads and customers into action.  It’s connecting with them and doing it fast, effectively, reliably, and in a way that really gets action and interaction.

A New and Better Way

This is not new school.  This is an age-old truth about marketing that professional marketers have continuously searched for new and better was to accomplish this connection.

If you are like me in any way shape or form, you understand how people use their mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and other mobile devices as a way to connect instantly with whomever they desire.  Many do almost anything that pops on their screen if they believe it came from someone or somebody they have a relationship with.  It could be a personal or professional relationship.

This is where SMS marketing systems come into play.  They enable you, the business or business person, to connect directly with your leads and customers through a device they read within seconds of anything happening on it.

SMS marketing systems are designed to connect you or your business directly to your customers through their mobile devices.  They are very powerful in getting a nearly instant response from your leads and customers.  But what do you really need to consider if getting one?

Realities of SMS Marketing

  • No business is going out of business by not having a mobile marketing system
  • That being true, many businesses increase their business by 10, 20 30% or more using SMS or text message marketing
  • Most SMS marketing systems are very expensive for the typical small business owner
  • The low-cost systems really don’t give you many capabilities and likely little return

So if this is true, how can you, a small home or local business, leverage this sales power?

There is good news.  Mark Call has introduced a brand new, industry-leading, SMS marketing system called Phone Optin.  This system has achieved major milestones for home and small business, including:

  • It delivers capabilities and volume that systems costing up to $1,200 per month deliver
  • Phone Optin fully integrates your SMS marketing with your email marketing system (through leading autoresponder systems like Pure Leverage, Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact, Infusion Soft, and Mail Chimp)
  • It only costs $25 per month (as of this writing)
  • Phone Optin has the lowest cost per text message on the market
  • It is so easy, there really isn’t any technical excuse for not using it

Forget the Technical Stuff

I don’t know all the technical stuff about how this works, but what I do know, is it works and it is easy, and I can connect with customers on cell phones (and I don’t even use my cell phone!).

I recommend you do the free demo.  There absolutely no obligation created by doing the demo, so I suggest you simply click the button below and just do it.  Do the demo and see how it works.  While you are there, you should also watch the short video so you can see how really easy it is to set up in your business…

Hear more about connecting from the master himself in this amazingly candid interview…




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