Are you living or experiencing the freedom you were promised when you became an online entrepreneur, or would you simply like to?

If you’re not, then it is time you stop falling for the sales saboteurs. These are the online sales people who sell you product after product that neutralize success threats and take you out of the game before you ever really get started.

How to Stop the Sales Saboteurs?

First, I borrowed the phrase sales saboteurs from Frank Kern. Much of what you discover today is from non-sale saboteurs like Frank Kern and my mentors – Eben Pagan, Dave VanHoose, Dustin Mathews… to name a few.

Back to the question at hand. How do you stop the sales Saboteurs?

First you start by getting off the list of people that only send you offer after offer with no content. So this doesn’t mean newsletters with content that also include an offer.

In fact, all content should contain some offer. The content should also frequently contain value beyond telling you how amazing the next offer will be.

Once you get rid of these sales saboteurs from your inbox, then you are ready to make your business work for you, instead of the other way around. Would that make a difference in your life? Ok, so let’s see how.

3 Basic Pillars to Repeatedly Make the Majority of Your Income

That fact is, 98% of what the sales saboteurs tell you is wrong. Only 3 essential pillars exist to getting your business in high gear. It starts by applying laser focus on these 3 business building pillars to the exclusion of everything else.

If you like not growing or even tinkering on bankruptcy, then don’t continue. If you want to stop chasing every offer and would be coach, then this is vitally important for you…

1. Focus on Selling High-ticket Items

The first realization and simple truth you must embrace is it is just as easy to sell a 10k product as a low dollar product. The selling process is exactly the same. Every aspect of the selling process is the same.

In fact, it’s often easier to sell the $20,000 product item than to sell the low dollar item.

As my mentors told me, and I testify to you, the customers are infinitely better.

High dollar customers don’t complain near as much. They don’t expect you to give them all your time for nothing – for the most part. They also do what you teach them or show them more reliably than the low dollar customers. They high dollar folks accept risk, understand investment gets them ahead, and generally accept personal responsibility more readily.

You can try to tell me this isn’t true, but I have 35 plus years of experience that proves it is true. I also have countless mentors who will tell you the same.

What about tripwires, affiliates, JVs and free traffic? Reliance on tripwires, funnels and driving traffic to low dollar offers is the same as hoping to break even to sell something else that cost more later…

This means your business relies on selling a lot of stuff to a lot of people along with the customer service headaches and unrealistic expectations while giving half your earning to affiliate marketers who don’t have don’t experience in of the after sales pain.

Selling high-ticket offers, like any offer, rests in presenting the right irresistible offer and opportunity to buy to the right person at the right time. This is exactly what you do with the low ticket sale.

2. Internet Marketing Sucks.

This is how Frank Kern states it. What he means is everything you’ve been taught about internet marketing is dead wrong because it is being taught to you by the sales saboteurs.

The “bells and whistles” being taught to the masses ignore the real money providers available to you. It’s the high-ticket items. Usually the only reason you don’t have a high ticket offer is because you choose not to.

Get or find high ticket items to sell and this lets you kick 99% of internet “strategies” goodbye.

You must know how to spend a dollar on an online ad and convert it to $1.30 or more, and do it repeatedly and endlessly. It’s certainly easy to say, but is it easy to do? Let’s take a look…

The fastest path to wealth is having the basic skill of turning advertising into profit.

Most recently, Frank Kern called it the “Killer Liquidation Sequence.” Folks like Eben Pagan, Russell Brunson, Dave VanHoose, Dustin Matthews and others have used different names, but they will all expose you to essentially the same thing.

To get a “killer liquidation sequence,” first start with focusing 50% of your time and energy into turning at least one ad into profit. Why? Because if you don’t you will starve. Don’t expect your very first ad copy to be your best. 60% or more of first ad copy fails, even for the best marketers on the planet.

Joint ventures are tiresome because they die. You get leads from burnt out lists with burned out customers and tire-kickers. The majority of JV partners have been bombarding the leads with offer, after offer, after offer, most of which is crap. By getting your first ad to be profit, you change all of this.

Remember this: Warren Buffet doesn’t even get a 30% percent return on investment but you can and should online… that is to say, you can convert 1 buck to a buck thirty (a 30% ROI) as a standard.

Within 30 days this can easily convert to a 200% to 300% ROI and Buffet doesn’t do that at all.

Here’s and advertising benefit you’ll love. Once you are profitable, you can buy the ads on credit, make your ROI, and pay off your credit purchase before the interest is charged. This literally makes your credit purchase free money and your leads are obtained for free.

Doing this isn’t about cheap traffic, or being a media buying wiz. It’s about getting the right offer to the right people at the right time, plus a little more you will see below. So keep reading…

The Liquidator Sequence is another name used by Frank Kern, and describes the strategy of the sales funnel used by virtually all successful marketers and online sales companies. You may find many names for this.

As Kern describes it – Before the main product is launched, a 24-hour campaign selling a $97 to $194 product (2 payments of $97) is offered.

Kern does this for 24 hours. Many do it for a longer period of days, maybe a week. This sequence covers the cost of traffic. Essentially, it is how opt ins become free.

This does not require affiliates (though some do use affiliates), so you keep all of the money and don’t pay half of your profits to affiliates.

This gets you fresh leads and customers, and you keep all of the money. It puts you in the profit zone faster than with affiliates, and makes you ready to launch ads for the main offer.

3. The Money is in the People Who Initially Say “No”

Fact: Even with a sales page that performs amazingly well, you are lucky if 5% buy, up front. Stated another way, 95% tell you no, up front!

People DON’T buy the first time they see something. This isn’t news to real businesses and marketers, but new entrepreneurs seem to have difficulty embracing this fact.

Like the big guys, you need to understand the majority of the “no’s” do not mean never. They may not even really mean no. It means:

  • The offer isn’t exactly right for what they want
  • not presented in a media they prefer to buy from (video, versus text, versus phone call, etc.)
  • they just need a little more information to get the yes
  • or maybe they simply never saw it at all

Two things Kern and all my mentors agree on which often are not the reason:

  • perfecting your sales copy
  • lowering the price

The best marketers and companies expect the No, and so should you. They are not afraid of the no. It opens doors to something bigger and better very often. In fact, a no is something they love.

You must know how to turn these potential customers saying no, and that others leave for lost when using ineffective, first-pitch strategies into loyal, paying customers who eventually do say YES. It is not as complicated as you might be imagining, so keep reading.

When you can do this, then you can think about building a lasting and profitable business. You will have the ability to build sales funnels that sell high ticket items essentially on autopilot.

So why are sales funnels such a hot topic?

It’s simple: Because a sales funnel done correctly creates the closest thing there is to a hands off, autopilot business that does everything above.

Your sales funnel must be designed from the start to filter those 95% or more of “no” visitors, and convert them to buyers. Filter does not mean removing them. It means capturing them so you can focus on giving them what makes the offer perfect for them.

The funnel, built correctly, does this nearly completely on autopilot.

Sadly, most people do it wrong, and you likely do it wrong if your business is not growing.

In fact, the majority of people “teaching” and “coaching” you on funnels just plain mess this up by telling you there is a one size fits all solution. This simply does not work. If you tried any one-for-all solution, you know what I am talking about.

Your business is a custom business and needs a custom funnel. It is critical you understand and embrace this.

Using funnels – Conversion Points

What is most commonly done wrong?

Your funnel has numerous conversion points. Unfortunately, most simply get a lead and then fall back to Autoresponder dependency – sending multiple emails to one or maybe two different versions of the exact same offer. The results are typically abysmal.

This kind of “funnel” is a marketing death trap. If you get lucky and it works once, you can be certain it is destine to fail. Do you really want a destiny of failure?

Autoresponder dependency is how you get no opens, no clicks, and no buyers.

What’s the solution?

Remember the 5 buyer modalities or methods of presenting to buyers so they see what they want or expect.

Example: First send a hot PDF. Then an edited version of a video. Then a online workshop about the same content. Then maybe a sales webinar. Finally, maybe back to a text article or sales letter.

Keep sending different buying modalities until the yes trigger is clicked because you have no way to know what is the YES trigger for every buying prospect.

What Ultimately Gets the Sale?

Frank Kern calls it the The Collaborative Close and Dustin Mathews calls it the Irresistible Offer. Call it what you want, but having an amazing offer is key. Then using the different buyer modals will get you the most sales, and doesn’t require master copywriting. It’s true, the better your copy the more sales you’ll make.

Nonetheless, an irresistible offer will make sales with just average copy. Your sales will be boosted by presenting the offer with the different buyer modals.

The choice is always yours. You can keep doing what the online sales saboteurs tell you so your business is completely neutralized, or start working on the 3 pillars above. When you build your funnels using the 3 pillars, your business will change, and so will your life – all for an amazing future you seek.

This will make it so you can stop wondering and worrying about what you should be doing next and start using the blueprints of the best marketers and companies online who never do what the saboteurs tell you.

There is no reason to be running the hamster million trying a million different things when the answers are much simpler than you imagined.

No reason exists to give in to the tons of distractions thrown at you every day from the hundreds of offers being tossed in your inbox every day. No successful marketer or online company uses any of these inbox delusions.

The Bottom Line

Find a proven blueprint and follow it.

What’s the best way to do this?

I’ll ask you this – Doesn’t it make sense to have coach with over 35 years of experience guiding you through the tough parts and showing your how and where you can make good parts even better and cutting the bad parts