Why Your Spouse Will Love Your Business

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

November 22, 2013

I should start by saying that if you are looking for a “make me fit and thin, and rich in one week” totally bogus health and fitness opportunity my friend, you should just keep looking.

If you are looking for a short description of the best lifestyle changing program that will make you money and make you healthy, I can offer you three words: 7 Minute Workout.  This is the World’s answer to independence, long life, and positive change.

You’re not dealing with the run of the mill, cookie cutter, “Jenny What’s Her Name,” “Nutri something,” or “Weight Watchers” -like programs my friend.  This opportunity was forged from real champions, real experts… not a committee of investors.  So haul yourself off the couch and see if you can handle a major life change with the 7 Minute Workout.

This opportunity is pumping up your wallet and your heart and doesn’t need any pain for gain to do either.  Rest assured this is no Madoff ponzi scheme pyramid.  You do 7 minutes of workout, every other day, and you start your business on autopilot if you choose.

Taking Command of Your Life

You command your life to obey you with a simple 7 minutes of exertion, telling the company to deliver leads, and your off to starting a lifestyle change that will have you jumping through the roof (even if you never made a dime online or exercised a day in your life).

If you can’t handle having a better life, total piece of mind, and a lifetime of security, then you better not even look at this.  When you start it up and do nothing you will be hit square in the face with being stuck in your job, and never changing a thing.

If you’re thinking about looking better than ever, feeling like you have endless energy coming from you own nuclear power plant, and building the income stream to give you the piece of mind and security you’ve been looking for, then entering the fitness market with world champion trainers who are living the existence themselves is the only way to get started.

Possibly you’re looking for someone to make you eat average, pre-packed meals, starve you for months, charge you $40 per month plus the cost of the food you don’t want, and tell you ridiculous stuff like you don’t need to exercise, and not make any money; then you want one of those other plans.

Realizing Big Change

 If you are ready to change your life, make more money, achieve total piece of mind, get fit and healthy, have weekly group meetings, complete fitness and weight loss training from two world champions, a complete meal plan, an expert exercise tracker, eat the food you choose and love, and start building your business on autopilot (nobody else can do this), then it is time you get in now.

Forget about paid actors and actresses who sponsor programs they were paid to do.  They don’t understand your real desires and dreams.  In fact, ever notice that when their contracts expire, they just get fat again?  The 7-Minute Workout is a huge, interacting community of people doing exactly what you want to do, and loving every minute of it.

If know you’re ready to change your life, your health, your wealth, your security, and live your dreams then you are ready for the 7-Minute Workout.  When you buy into this energy and money machine you better go get your old lady or old man ready for some real changes in your life because…

This is what will be happening to you…

  1. More sex
  2. More fun
  3. Endless energy
  4. More money
  5. Many More vacations
  6. More toys (for you and the kids!)
  7. More sex in the living room
  8. Lots More sex in the kitchen
  9. More speeding tickets (when you get that hot car!)
  10. Pay your speeding tickets and laugh
  11. More slaps from your wife (cause other ladies keep looking at you)
  12. More jealous sneers from your husband (because all the guys are glued to your hot looks)
  13. You have more parties
  14. Family members are totally jealous (of your money and your looks)
  15. Someone else cuts your grass
  16. You give homeless people tips and don’t even think about it
  17. You pay your bills and smile
  18. Big TV appears in your living room
  19. Your bed gives you a message
  20. You go on that cruise in the 5-star suite
  21. Your friends don’t recognize you

Still Want More?

  1. Strangers think you are holding hands with your daughter
  2. Strangers think you are holding hands with your son
  3. Younger guys beg to sit next to you (then beg for other stuff)
  4. You buy the drinks for everyone and don’t blink an eye
  5. You buy that dream house on the beach you always had to rent for a week.
  6. No more jokes about not needing a belt to hold up your pants
  7. Your man-boobs disappear
  8. For women, your woman-boobs look hot
  9. Your doctor is pissed you never show up anymore
  10. Your doctor wants what you got!
  11. The pharmacist goes out of business
  12. More sex in places you forgot you wanted to have sex in
  13. Your grand kids don’t recognize you
  14. Your grand kids can’t keep up with you
  15. You don’t care that you can’t get on the Obamacare website
  16. You laugh uncontrollably for no reason at all
  17. Your boss (former) wants what you got
  18. The alarm clock stops working, but you don’t care
  19. The 5 headed, message shower breaks, but you don’t even blink when you call the plumber
  20. Your hot tub needs cleaned, and someone else does the cleaning
  21. Your kid goes to Harvard, and you pay cash
  22. Are you getting all this?…

Put your life in your own hands now.

 Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The 7 Minute Workout has carried me through the last 2 years making me endlessly healthy and full of energy.  It also started paying the bills in just a matter of weeks (note this may not be typical, but it is what it did for me – and many others).  It has changed me from being stranded in life to controlling my life and my outcomes.

If you think you’re going to change your life, get the piece of mind you seek, and be secure knowing you have ended your dependency on your job and your boss, then you should go here right now and let the champions handle the rest.

I’m not inviting you in because you want to sit on your butt and turn into mash potatoe mush.  You’re personally invited because you want to seriously be with others like you who change their life through health and fitness and make money doing it, so you don’t even need to think about clicking here right now.  Just do it!


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