Hello my friend.  It’s time to prepare for 2014.

Are you thinking of starting a business online for your new year of 2014?  Do you want to achieve new levels of independence for you and your family?

Are you ready and determined to achieve your own destiny and not that of a JOB?

This blogging series is a “Starting a Business Online Course” for 2014, so you are in the right place.  I will not be focusing on other people’s glamor or remarkable attributes.  In fact, you and I will only be looking at you getting started the right way.

This “Starting a Business Online Course” is about you.  It is not about non-existent short-cuts, faking out Google, or promising you magic software to instantly make your rich.

It is about you knowing what is reality in starting your online business, and making it all happen without you wasting money on things you don’t need to get started.

This first chapter looks at what you need today, assuming you have nothing, or assuming you tried before and failed.  Don’t feel bad if you tried and failed.  EVERYONE has!

There literally are no exceptions to this.  The successes are the ones who learned from their setbacks and then moved ahead.

The successes are the ones like you and like me, who won’t quit anything until we have achieved our goals.  So let’s look at doing it right.

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