In case you forgot, this is the “Starting a Business Online Course” for 2014.  Are you ready to get ready for the new year?

This session picks up where the last session left off.  In this short video, you will see exactly what you actually need to start your online business, what it costs, and where to go to get the best services and tools at the lowest prices possible.

The training shows you 5 things you need to get started right now and be profitable as the new arrives.

What you need (Here is where to go to do your action steps from this lesson)…

1. Mentoring

2. Training

3. Website

4. Marketing Funnel

5. Autoresponder

The total for having the tools you need to start a business online is $24.95 + $7.96 = $31.91.

Compare this to what it costs to open a brick and mortar store of any kind.  I challenge to get the brick and mortar store started for less than $150,000.  Unless it was given to you by family, you simply cannot start an offline store for $31.91 anywhere in the world.

The next session of “Starting a Business Online Course for 2014” will start looking at the first steps to ensuring your start a profitable business when you begin.  You must stack you eggs well, to reduce the risk of breakage.