Do You Believe Like these Kids?

Are you too small to be big?  Have you ever had this feeling?  I was watching a movie called “The Perfect Game.”  It’s about a group of kids who everyone thought were too small to be big.

They were a little league baseball team from Monterrey, Mexico.  These kids had never played baseball in any organized league of any kind.  In fact, they barely had a playing field big enough to practice on.

The year was 1957.  Life in Monterrey, Mexico in 1957 was not what most would consider the dream life, yet a group of very determined youngsters wanted to have their own little league baseball team so they could go to Texas and play against the American little league teams.

Now who in the world would believe a bunch of pint-sized kids from Mexico who had never played baseball on a grass field could go to Texas and take on kids that have been playing ball since they were 5?

What’s the point?  Who besides you thinks you can start and online business an succeed, even if you have never done it?

In reality, most of us are in the same position as that rag-tag team from Monterrey, Mexico that went on to win the Little League World Series of 1957.  Not only did they win, but their young pitcher, in the final game of the series, pitched the only perfect game ever pitched in the Little League World Series.

How did they do it?  Of course they got all the elements of a team together, including a coach.  But what really made it possible?

Faith.  Belief.  Wanting it more than they could breath.  Never saying they can’t.

They had spiritual faith, personal faith, a dream they never let go of, a wanting to be the champs, which enabled them to ignore all the naysayers who just laughed when they said they were going to play baseball.  Does it sound familiar to you when you told your friends you were going to start an online business?

What are you going to do to keep your dream alive?  Are you going to let the 90% naysayers tell you how it’s just a joke or are you going to want your success more than you can breathe?  Honestly, if a bunch 12 year olds can succeed beyond reality, then so can I.  Can you?

Tough questions, and you likely have to look deep to decide how you will proceed.  Here are a few suggestions to help you maintain you wanting to live your dream more than you can breathe…

1.  Don’t talk about your dream with people who don’t believe in you.  It will drag you down, and give them power over you.  Sure, you can keep your friends.  Just don’t make your dream of creating your own business something you talk about with them.  They won’t change.  They will always tell you how you can’t do it until you do it.  Then they will say how they knew you would, and some will even claim to have helped you.

2.  Find people who believe in what you are after.  There are plenty of people who do.  You just have to change where you are looking if you haven’t found them.  Start by going to meetings where entrepreneurs go.  That is where you need to be.  Positive energy will literally transfer to you.  So what are you waiting for?

3.  Create your own positive energy with positive self talk.  Yes, talk to yourself.  Do it out loud.  Yes – so you can hear yourself.  If you won’t do this, then you don’t believe in yourself.  If you don’t believe in yourself, then why would anyone else?  Put everything in the present:  I have can make profits anytime I want; I’m living in the house of my dreams; I’m successful; I’m rich; I’m loved; I’m respected.  Say these things repeatedly.  At least twice a day, and out loud.  Even in front of a mirror.  Train your brain to believe.  When your brain believes you, you will win.

Be sure to watch the movie “The Perfect Game” even if you don’t like baseball, and even if you never saw a baseball game in your life.  Witness the power of believing and be inspired.  You can do this – start an online business.